Winter with the Writers

Last Thursday I got to go to Winter With the Writers
at Rollins College.  Corey was an intern for Sy Montgomery
who has written 20 books about animals.  I've read
"The Soul of an Octopus, The Good Good Pig", and
am reading "Birdology." I was so excited to get to meet her.
I wanted to give her a big hug when I met her but was
afraid I might scare her.  She was awesome!  She gave
a talk about things that can go very wrong when writing
non-fiction.  She is a super interesting person and has done 
some amazing things.  I'm glad that she and Corey hit it 
off so well.  They have so much in common especially
their love of animals and writing.  I just felt so blessed 
to get to meet her and hear her story.  Also, I got to hear
another writer-poet, Ross Gay critique one of Corey's poems.
He asked her a question and the answer she gave was so 
insightful and intelligent I was super proud!!
 Really fantastic experience.  I also sat next to a lady
who is writing a book about alternative medicine.
It's really interesting to meet other people who are
working on something that I've been thinking I should be 
working on (not on that topic - but a book).  
It gives me hope that maybe I can do it.

In other news: I have a new great niece:
Adelaide Estel!!!  Beautiful!!!
 Born Feb 22, 2016
My brother and his new grand daughter.
Congratulations to Eric, Sarah, Michaela and the 
rest of the family!  Can't wait to meet her in person!

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