just a small part of my "to do" list

#1 list car on craig's list to sell #2 finish prepping and paint the rest of the livingroom walls
#3 list china on craig's list to sell
some of this stuff is really old.
I actually saw the teapot that goes with
this set in an antique shop for $400.

#4 strip wallpaper in kitchen and paint and rearrange
(seriously thinking bead board, smack over wallpaper, yeah)

hmmm... maybe refinish china cabinet while it's empty

maybe if I get to it - refinish pink chest
stain really cool lamp I got at garage sale that Tricia found for $7
awesome solid wood lamp works great in my livingroom
figure out what the heck to hang on this wall?????????????
Today was my day to drive for my church school.
OMGosh how do people do the job of child care for several hours in a day?
Maybe it was the heat, no AC bus and taking them to a putt putt
and following them around while they played (and a few
hit some of the others with their putters - I know they didn't mean to but how
many times do you tell a kid to keep it, their club, on the ground
and not in the air swinging it around????)
Seriously, I enjoyed it but it totally wiped me out. Haven't been able to get
anything done since "cept this. Guess that's enough!


Nice weekend

We went to a friends for Chuck to check out their AC unit, just to tell them it needs cleaned badly, then to Perkins for breakfast (extremely rude waitress), and to the movies to see Transformers. Chuck liked it better than the original. I think I liked the first one better.
Jesse and Bobby stopped by for dinner before they went to see the movie.
Sunday, unfortunately didn't make it to church, miscommunication. Corey and Christopher came over in the evening for dinner, actually to show us their new car. Very cute, Hyundai Accent, supposed to be Corey's car. Drives like mine only better and nicer and actually a little larger on the inside. Forgot to take a picture (just like with Trish and her new car), next time.

Going to try to finish the livingroom this week and start working on the kitchen.

Tuesday I'm driving for the church school but it looks like it may be rainy so they might cancel. They are going to a putt putt - we'll see what happens.

I gotta get some stuff on Craig's list too, even the Camaro.
Busy week!


tick tick boom

The other night I asked Chuck what the tube
thing on the wall was and could I take it off.
"Sure," he said and proceeded to rip it off the
wall and a huge piece of wallpaper. I was planning on
starting on the kitchen sometime this summer but not yet, pooh!! But it really does look bad and seriously needs to go.


this and that

Jesse decided to shave Elsie, hopefully this will help with shedding.
Elsie loves the attention.

I love when my bougainvillea (I looked up the spelling) are in
full bloom. And I learned when looking it up I've been saying it wrong.
It's pronounced boe gan vill e a - long o long e short a on the end, hmmm

Every morning I was waking up to the two babies yelling at their
mom to feed them. Today no babies crying so they must be on their
own now.

Father's day, hope you had a good day dad, love you!

I did not take enough pictures. I want to get one of Trish with
her new car.
Mom and Jesse. We like to play hearts. I always lose.
Yesterday Corey and Chris came over for father's day, because they
both worked on the actual day. They brought Chuck beer from around
the world. He should have fun trying that. I meant to take pictures and
just totally had a senior moment (but I'm not a senior, yet).



I started working on the livingroom wall but have just not had
any desire to do anything with it. So it sits calling me everytime I
walk past, yuck. Today I go to Ikea with Jesse, looking forward to it. But I
know I must get back to the wallllllll argh......
Jesse put Millie's hat on Renny. He was so humiliated.
He knows he's fixed but darn he's no princess.
My new art pad I had to get 'cause I just love the size.
Thought I'd start it off right besides this is something
I enjoy doing.


Tues., Wed.

Tuesday I went with Corey and Megan to 7 sisters coffee. Unfortunately, they were closing early and we were only able to order coffee. Neat place, will enjoy going back and sitting for a while.It has original artwork - just a cute place.Out back they have this and this has free yummy samples. She was almost
out of everything when we went in. Corey wanted me to go with
her and Megan to see UP but I heard it was sad and I really don't like
going to the theatre to see sad movies. I'm all about special effects
action, and science fiction at the theatre everything else I'll see at home.
But in retrospect I really should have gone, sorry Corey, next time.Wed, Jesse came over to help me get started on my livingroom wall.
I'm going to try painting over the wallpaper so first prepping it, letting
it dry overnight, sanding, coat of texture and paint - too much work. I hate wallpaper.
Thanks for helping Jesse.This is too cute and she didn't even try to get it off (the first time Jesse put it on.)

Renny's new favorite spot when I'm working in my art room.


already Thursday

My time off seems to be flying by already and not getting things I want done. Good excuse though - sick yesterday and today. So taking advantage watched a movie yesterday "Gran Torino". Good story but the language is rough but realistic in this situation, unfortunately.

Tuesday I drove for our church school and went with them to the bowling alley. I asked what I was supposed to do while they were bowling, "go in and help" was the reply. I didn't think I would like that but I'm used to dealing with 70 kids at a time vs. 20 - big difference. I really enjoyed it.
I got to talk to Leah too - who I haven't in a while. She's such a sweetie and from what I can tell a hard worker.

Afterwards, I went to mom and dad's. Stu, Trish, Corey all came too so it was a nice visit!
I'll be glad when I'm feeling better so I can get more done.



School's out for summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now to start all my projects???!!!!!


get her done...and surprise!!

Chuck's mom gave me an early birthday present -
Keurig coffee maker..awesome, awsome, awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! our ikea bookshelf, I didn't think I would want it here but I like it
except for the two mornings after we got it running into it in the dark.
No this isn't how it will be set up. I'm trying to figure out what pictures
to put where.
I worked my butt off yesterday trying to get my art room/studio
whatever, to a usable place where you can actually walk into it and see
the floor, just don't look at the closet. Can't do everything all at once.

yay! see floor no more tripping!!
4 1/2 more days, yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!