early job....

This morning I got up early and went with Jesse out to the barn. She needed help - she forgot she had be at her other job by 11a.m...
It was really cold, 2 shirts, a coat, gloves, and 2 pairs of socks, this is Florida right?
It's really beautiful at the barn in the morning. The horses love the cold, sort of. I really enjoyed it - except shoveling stuff...
Here's some pictures.

P.F. and Jesse Posted by Hello

loud chickens... Posted by Hello

beautiful out there... Posted by Hello

the bunnies come right up to your feet... Posted by Hello

This is Jesse the horse and Jesse Posted by Hello


Dickens by Candlelight

I did the pictures backwards. We went to Dickens by Candlelight Friday Night.
It's in a victorian mansion and very enjoyable. The house is absolutely beautiful. We reminisced about living across the lake from the mansion, when we were first married, and walking around and looking inside before it was refurbished. It was fascinating to see back then when antique fixtures were still inside but falling down and needing some love.
The show was very good. There was singing around the fireplace prior to, and hot apple cider. At the tables we had hot tea and cookies.
Chuck was very interested and felt he could, with practice, do something of this nature. He enjoys acting very much.
Afterwards, we drove downtown like we used to at Christmas, and to our disappointment, it has become bar after bar after bar.... downtown has gone down in that area..sad.
We drove around after and looked at some Christmas lights. Thus, the pictures are backwards.

lites Posted by Hello

christmas lites Posted by Hello

looking at Christmas lites Posted by Hello

The wall of teapots inside the mansion. Posted by Hello

The Dr. Phillips Mansion at Lake Lucerne Posted by Hello

the fountain in front of the house Posted by Hello


what am I going to do???

Our guest bathroom is still unfinished and a mess. I wanted to have all the family over Christmas day but eewww.....
The floor is down but not grouted, the bath walls are up but not tiled, the sink needs to be replaced, the walls painted, a new mirror - aahhhh...

sunrise in Florida Posted by Hello

and he says he wants to find her a home... Posted by Hello


Great Day

Yesterday was such a good day.
Have you ever learned to live "in the moment"?
I couldn't plan beyond what I was doing - it was an awesome experience.
I drove the "young at heart" to the old pottery warehouse, or whatever the store is called, and to a restaurant for lunch. Point is I got to drive the new church bus - really nice bus!! Why do I enjoy driving buses? I don't know but the company was good, the bus handled like a dream, and it was just an all around fun time. The seniors made me feel super, hugging me and telling me how much they appreciated me driving them. They are so sweet. Even work afterwards was more bearable.
Today I went shopping at Good Will - that's right - Good Will. I got a "new" Dockers jean shirt for 3$ - darn nice shirt. I got 4 coffee mugs that I'd been looking for but wouldn't buy, 'cause I thought they cost too much,
.99 cents each - what a steal! I never thought about shopping there before but they actually had some decent stuff and I will return! I suggest giving it a try.

A couple of years ago Chuck decided to plant a rose garden for me. This is some of the fruits of his labor. They smell sooooo good. Posted by Hello

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