The pictures are backwards, leaving time to getting there time.
I have some traditional don't take my photo pics;

too stuffed to move
playing wii - it looked like much fun, hopefully I'll
be able to play eventually

another don't take my picture of Chuck and sorry Trish
about this, but Patsy you look marvelous!

pretty girls!


Still need to post Thanksgiving photos but...

Yesterday, I got up at 5 to take my medicine as usual. A couple seconds later Chuck came out of the bedroom and said, "You want to go to the beach and take pictures of the sunrise?"
What a nice surprise!

These are all photos he took.


Hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time with family and friends.
I am very thankful for mine!

Playing with the new camera but only in the auto mode. Need to learn all of the rest. It's fun and nice!



Renny and Millie

Minion waiting for his bath and groom

Really nice inside


Not a close up lens, a zoom.

Early Christmas Present

Yesterday my brother Stuart gave me an early Christmas
present. Super awesome! Have a lot of reading and practicing to do!
Going to start looking for a close up lens, woo hoo!


Taking pictures of the Minion for Corey
While sitting outside with the dogs I noticed this little bird on the tree.
He was brave. With the dogs in the yard he hopped down on the grass.
They aren't much for hunting because none of them ever noticed him.