Messy Me

She got up and walked out of the bedroom or actually her new makeshift art space. When she stepped off the carpet onto the wood floor she heard click click.. Looking down she saw a paintbrush stuck to the bottom of her shoe. Working hard? Or really messy?
I choose working really hard.

Pictures from Megan's shower. I really liked not playing games and instead making collage pages for a book for Megan. Fun and a good keepsake. Corey tell Katie for your shower.


Disney Christmas and summer sunset

Spent the morning getting coffee at MickeyD's, went to work to change my mailbox, Panera Bread with Tricia - she suggested bringing Corey a danish at work, saw Corey at work (ahhh that was so sweet), went to Sams, then home, little teannie *how do you spell teenie? art show at SC, flurrie at mickeyd's, so I started the day at McDonald's and ended it there, sad commentary. But I had fun with Tricia and I need to surprise Corey at work more. I think she liked it. thanks Tricia!
Pictures of a summer sunset on Lk. Jessup.
It's August and behind the scenes at Disney they're already starting to get ready for Christmas.


hotter than he...........

oh man, did I ever forget how hot schoolbusses (sp) are. I had to drive today from 12:30 to 4:00 eeeegggaaaaddddssss!!!! I think I lost at least 10 lbs. The pants I bought that fit so well were falling off, yuk.
Disney has spoiled me with their cadillac - airconditioned - super nice - busses.


he pushed and I pushed right back..

Chuck came home and told me about an art show through Seminole County. He said I should enter it, 4 -5 days before the deadline. Hmmmm... I thought what do I have that I could enter? The only finished pieces I would consider were some photographs. He didn't seem to like the idea. He thought a painting. 4 - 5 days right. So I entered a photograph for Corey the one below.

I entered a photograph for Chuck.

and two photographs for me... I have to say this was a leap of faith for me and not wanting to feel alone in the endeavor I dragged Chuck and Corey with me.