the trip

Thursday, I left for N.C. with the college and career from church. I was one of the bus drivers.
It was a great trip. I got to know a lot of new people and had a really great time. There was fantastic teaching, great food, beautiful scenery and SNOW!! Here's some pictures.

where we stayed, the barn Posted by Hello

sunset mountain Posted by Hello

river view Posted by Hello

check out the heart rock I found and brought home - thanks to Bert - it's kind of heavy and bigger than it looks in the picture Posted by Hello

skipping rocks on the river Posted by Hello

we made it to the top Posted by Hello

hiking view Posted by Hello

hiking up the mountain Posted by Hello

pretty view Posted by Hello

inside the barn Posted by Hello

definately smokey mountains Posted by Hello

corey in the snow Posted by Hello

sat night it started snowing Posted by Hello

the view of the road, we had to wait until the ice melted some Posted by Hello

sunday morning the barn in snow Posted by Hello


I only have to work 2 days next week because of the trip. I'm happy!
I do not know what to do about Jesse. She got thrown from a horse, hurt her neck, broke her finger, and she insisted on working today in the rain and lightning. I wish she had less dangerous interests.


I think I'm going to paint the
I couldn't take the painting class this semester. I would've missed the first 5 classes. Hopefully it will work out next time.
My last day at work is the 28th, yippee. Of course this means not knowing what will happen next but right now that seems acceptable....



I no longer have to worry about what to do as far as this job. Chuck said he wants me to resign. I'm making him crazy because of it, plus it doesn't make much money. He feels it costs too much. I hate quitting....


upcoming events...

I've decided to go to N.C. with the college and career from church. They need a driver and I love N.C.
Hopefully, I will see snow. Did I mention I love snow?
This year (and teaching the youth one Wed. night) has really made me think about the future...
What will I be doing 5 years from now? 10? 15? You tell kids to think about it so why shouldn't we?
I'm also thinking about taking a painting class at the local college - to help get back into the habit of painting.
Should I??

New Year's Eve

For New Year's Eve we decided to use our free Sea World passes.
Chuck and I stayed for the 10:00p.m. fireworks and left. Jesse decided to stay 'till Corey got off and ride home with her, 1:30a.m.. It was nice to finally see Corey at work. I got a great deal on some Christmas gifts for next year.
Here's some pics...

Jesse and Ryan... Posted by Hello

Jesse in her element with the Clysdales... Posted by Hello

really cool walk on aquarium... Posted by Hello