slow saturday

It's one of those days when you don't feel like doing much. So I thought I would practice painting, trying to get my skills back. So out of practice. Here's a sample, not finished yet. Renny patiently sits at my feet and watches.
It's also a coffee and homemade chocolate chip cookies day. oooh I need to eat healthier!



rain rain go away!

I thought I would drive around Oviedo today and look at the damage from the storm. Several streets were blocked off because of flooding and were being pumped out. Lots of trees down and damaged. I didn't see any home damage but I really didn't go far. The pictures are of a sod farm that now looks very much like a lake.

Wed fun with Corey and other stuff

This is the view from Corey's back porch.

The view from Corey's front door.
I got to spend Wed. with Corey while we were off.
Fun day! Last night Jesse came over
and watched a movie with us. It's been a
good week except for this storm
and having to work in it yesterday.
I knew we shouldn't have worked yesterday
because of the wind and then drivers
started calling in trees down and streets
too flooded to drive on, yep, I was right!


tropical storm

A tropical storm and the schools are closed. So far it's been a nicer day than yesterday afternoon when we were driving the kids home in the lightning and pouring rain. I have a feeling tomorrow will be worse than today but I could be wrong.
Can you believe someone would be stupid enough to do this in tropical storm winds.
Even though, hope he's ok.


look who stopped by for a visit today

Mr. black snake. He was really quite large but very patient to let me photograph him.

1st day tomorrow

Back to school tomorrow. Trying to get things ready - seating charts, paperwork, clean bus, lots to finish. With a possible hurricane hitting on Tuesday it should be an interesting 1st week.


too funny

I thought this picture Corey posted on her blog of Elsie trying to sleep in Charlie's bed was too funny!


heigh ho it's back to work I go..

Tomorrow's my in-service. Go sit in an auditorium from 7 - 12 and listen to stuff I know and people who like to talk. Then go drive my routes and visit with the school's principals and get home hot and tired. But I then have the rest of the week off except for calling all the parents by Wed. what a fun week.



Yesterday I spent with Tricia going to places I've never gone before, 2 chinese stores and I think it was a vietnamese restaurant. I saw some interesting things and got some more paper that I used to tile my table with. We also got some coffee that she made when we got back that was extremely sweet and strong but good.
When we went back to Tricia's we saw that a storm had gone through her neighborhood and really done some damage. This is a tree next to her house, wow. I'm glad we missed the storm!


Happy Birthday Mom

I almost forgot to put this on. ooopppsss. Sorry it's late but I did still make it.
Hope you have a Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!!Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Almost finished

with my studio.. this is the closet before

and after

another before by the window

and after

I know I will be moving things, adding things, making changes. It's a work in progress.

and this is what the dog thinks of it all


Party pictures

Jesse's birthday's the 3rd, Patsy's is the 6th and Mom's is the 7th. So we do a combined party woo hoo!!
Mom, Patsy, Dad

Christopher, Mom and Patsy blowing out their candles.

Corey, Jesse, Jese P. looking over her shoulder and Lora.

Jesse and Amy being goofballs.

Chuck and his mom.

Corey, Rob and Christopher

Patsy and Lindsey's little girl Sada

Corey and Chris

Corey, Trish, Patsy the princess

Heidi, Trish and Patsy

Chuck and Sada. I told Chuck I think he will make a good granpa someday and he says,"I don't know what to do??" But he followed her around the whole time and made sure she didn't get hurt and kept her happy. I rest my case.

Sada kissing Yosi

And Stuart with Renny. Stuart doesn't like dogs but everybody loves Renny.



Remember that little white table I pulled out of someones's trash?

What do you think?

Can you guess what the tiles are?