Easter and some other stuff..catching up

Since I've been sick and haven't been out of the house since Thursday I thought I'd try to get up to date on my blog. I'm going freakin crazy if you haven't guessed. I hate being sick. So here's some pictures from Easter at Chuck's mom's and we celebrated his 51st since it was the next day. A couple of random pics too.
Cooper's hawk on the fence. I think my camera's zoom is decent, especially since it's shooting from my livingroom,thru the screen and glass door, so I don't scare the hawk.

Renny, he always wants to sit with me.

Corey and Jesse taking turns riding in the basket

Jesse, Patsy, and Corey

Chuck and his mom

Christopher likes his new pink bike

Corey, pretty girl

mom and dad

the hand, what I always get trying to photograph Jesse

Chuck's 51st birthday cake, made by Corey, and gigantuous candle, suitable for the occasion.

Trish and Stuart

I think this chandalier is so pretty, and Stuart

Jesse, pretty girl

winter park art festival

I've gotten behind on blogging. So here's some pictures from the Winter Park Art Festival Sat. before last. I've decided I like to go early on Sunday morning, no crowds, some things are closed, but it gave us time to go to Panera Bread for coffee and bagels. After Panera, everything was open and still no crowds. Just the way I like it.

Corey and Stuart kept trying to see who could take the better picture while I just took pictures of them.

I like how they did their sign with plants.



Time for spring break and yep, I'm sick, poo. I've been sick since Monday. Called in Tuesday afternoon and got a hard time for it so today went to the Dr. and he said I couldn't go back to work 'till Monday and gave me a Dr's excuse so I don't feel quilty.
Did you know they have a test for the flu? I didn't. The Dr. pulled out this long Qtip thing and said look at the orange sign and don't move. I thought he was going to swab my throat but then he told me he was going to stick it in my nose, ewwww. It felt like it went all the way to my brain - it was awful!!!!! Now I have this occasional, uncontrollable drip - again - ewwww. I decided, since the Dr. said I couldn't go back to work till Monday to stay home and do stuff here, like sleep.


"Just do it"

Trying to get back in shape. Walking is the exercise of choice but I've been having problems with my foot, lots of pain, so not so much walking. Here are some pictures from when I was able. We get lots of attention with the three dogs.

Bus kids. The other morning - when looking back to make sure everyone of my 65 kids are behaving - I see one boy in the back blowing his breath on the window so he can draw. The artist in me is struggling to get out, to go back to simple acts of art. Like Nike, just do it, I hear bouncing around in my brain.


The park

On the way to the park

Elsie loves the water and swimming

The park is so close to the house and a pretty place.

Renny doesn't like the water like Elsie.