I went to the Dr. yesterday for the rest of my physical, weird insurance, can't do everything at once. I just happened to be sick too - so convenient. She told me to stop hanging around people who smoke it's making me sick. I didn't tell her about the mold on my bus which I believe is a huge contributer to headaches, allergies and now this rotten cold, flu? She gave me an antibiotic to take if I start running a fever.
Thankfully Chuck isn't sick but Corey, who doesn't live here is. Jesse said she's had a sinus infection for a month. I will be glad when everyone is well.


till sunday

Tuesday, Jesse came over and left her dog while she went and got her hair done. Her dog peed on my bedroom rug and then laughed about it. But she really loves Jesse.
Wednesday I went to Corey's for cinnamon rolls yummy and forgot my camera. Darn it! We had yummy cinnamon rolls and Starbucks - I finally finished my gift card.
Thursday Jesse texted me about carving a pumpkin (cause no one else wanted to) so I told her to come over and I'd watch her work.
Cousin It helping.
The finished pumpkin. Nice job!
Sunday was a perfect day, except for Chuck letting the dog on the bed, could not believe it.

After church we went for a ride in the Camaro, top down. Stopped in Winter Park and went for a walk and took pictures. Beautiful day!

We wore poor Renny out!


older than I thought

I thought I would get my sewing machine out and see if I could fix it. So I found my instruction book to see if it had any useful information. When I looked at the picture on the front I realized my sewing machine is a lot older than I thought. I did get it running though - how well remains to be seen.


Little known fact

When I was a teenager I wanted to be a fashion designer. I learned how to sew and decided to design and make my prom dress. Unfortunately, I didn't give myself enough time for the project and though I learned how to sew (the basics) I didn't learn how to make something without a pattern. I started the project but did not finish and with prom a few days away went back to the store bought a pattern and more fabric and made my dress. It was yellow satin, a halter top that gathered in the front and flowed down to the ground, it was the 70's long was in. Next time I go to my mom's I'll get a picture and post it.
Why this post = I love Project Runway!! I think they kept the right designers! The feather wedding dress was awesome. I also really liked the one inspired by water (sorry don't remember the designers name). Like the judge said about the water inspired dress the bridesmaids dress was just so pretty or cute, whatever he said. They make me want to design again or sew anyway.


Happy late birthday Christopher!!!!!!!!!!

I'm always late on the birthday wishes on my blog, sorry - kissifer.

Anyway we went out with Christopher, Corey, Valerie (Chris' sis), Trevor, and Christopher's parents to a little pizza place on 50 and Alafaya Trail. I was really surprised at how good the food was (because it was in a strip mall). YUMMY!!! Garlic knots, wings (some of the best I've had), and pizza. Then his mom said that restaurant was where they used to meet Chris and his sis while they were going to UCF so it's also a sentimental thing for them.

I really enjoyed it and got to wear my new outfit Corey picked out. Christopher said he really liked my shirt and whoever picked it out must be smart and beautiful. Yep!


Late birthday wishes

We celebrated Stuart and Trish's birthday Sunday, though it was Tuesday. I meant to post these by Tuesday but forgot. So Happy Late 46th (sorry Trish) Birthday Stu and Trish.

Dad being silly.
Mom working hard making everything perfect.

Shopping with Corey

Corey text(ed) me Tuesday and asked what I was doing. She wanted me to go somewhere with her. I told her I was tired and she said too bad she'd planned something. I tried to get her to tell me...she'd gotten a $100 gift card from Dillards and wanted to take me shopping. She told me she was going to pick out an outfit for me and I was going to wear it. She said it would fit me, not be too big, and look good. I told her I like to be comfortable. So here's the outfit. I love it!! And Corey's too good to me. Thank you baby!!! (She's been watching to much, "What not to wear, 'cause she told me she would get to throw away one of my outfits. ooohh)