3 days off woo hoo

So far I fixed the toilet, cleaned and rearranged the extra bedroom, fixed the light over the stove, and that was enough for Saturday. I'm finally going to be able to get some sort of curtains or something for the sliding glass doors since Elsie's crate is now in the extra bedroom. And, I have a desk in my art room, finally, yea!

little lights in the dark

Some of my goals for this year were to start eating meals at the table and to learn how to eat for a diabetic diet, and for me more healthy. With Chuck's surgery it's been an instant crash course and it's got us eating at the table. So a little good can come from an unexpected not so great thing.

Jesse leaves for Coast Guard boot camp tomorrow, sad momma.


Home is a good place to be

Chuck came home from the hospital Tuesday evening. I was so tired that night.
We finally got to sleep around midnight I think.

Time to heal is going to be the big thing now. He's supposed to have someone with him 24 hours a day. I'm going to try to go back to work tomorrow. I'm not sure how I'm going to do it all but God will help me thru this I know. Chuck's mom has been a huge help, Stuart, Mom and Dad, Jesse and Corey too. I've been running Jesse ragged going here and there getting stuff for us. She'll be staying with Chuck tomorrow while I work.

Mother's day Jesse gave me roses (the two pictures above) and made me breakfast, yummy. Corey took me to Panera Bread and made me leave the hospital for a break, it was a very good idea. I have wonderful kids, grown daughters, I should say.

Chuck's mom grows orchids, like this one above, pretty huh?


Night view

Of all the cities I've been to Orlando is really kind of small but it is pretty at night.

What Jesse does to keep us entertained while waiting at the hospital.


Hospital days

Last Thursday we got the surprise we weren't expecting. Chuck needed open heart surgery. Only 51 seems way too young. Tuesday morning he went in. Tuesday afternoon he came out.
He's had problems. I had no idea the things they do to you with this. Stop your heart and lungs. Your lungs are deflated. You're put on a lung and heart machine. Your blood is rerouted from passing thru your heart or lungs.
I had no idea.
Keep us in your prayers.
listening to the other stories
I know God is here
I've seen his love thru other people

Nurses are forgotten heroes