strike a pose

I don't know what was with the dogs the other day but Renny saw the camera and did this. Elsie saw what Renny was doing and did this.
(double click or right click to see better)


Yay! two things done!

I got the cabinets cleaned and organized and made my
treat to celebrate, yummy cream cheese brownies but I think
it's all a ruse to keep myself out of the yucky art room. Oh well, in time.


Ok so I started to clean up my art room got distracted by the mess and not knowing where to start thought I would take some pictures of the room to get the flow going. I decided to post the pictures so I would have before and after pictures and came to download them and got distracted because I wanted chocolate cream cheese brownies. So.. I thought I would go start that and saw how desperately my cabinet needed cleaning, pulled everything out and decided to come back over here and get this finished...aaarrrrggghhh. Then started playing around with some pictures I took this morning of the dogs to maybe start doing pet portraits as part time $$.
Well....here's one of Renny and another

Renny again...


My super messy art room

It is driving me crazy

The dogs fight over the sunny spot

My desktop that I can not find.

At least I got this posted. All the while Chuck has weedeated, edged, cut and
blown the yard and I know he will come in and see the mess on the counter and
ask what am I doing - looking at me sitting at the desk - on the computer - in his eyes
wasting time and I will say simply, "everything - ALL AT ONCE - aren't I talented?!!"
better answer, "yes" back at me.


Easter egg

At Easter every year I used to decorate eggs.
I would try to come up with something different
each year but I kind of stopped. This year
I got into the mood to try so here it is my
egg for the year. It was fun!

Leu Gardens

I went to Leu Gardens with Tricia today.
I enjoyed it very much. I've lived here how
long and never been there.
Tricia taught me how to spit to get the fish to go crazy.


Spring Break

Yay! The first day of spring break and I wake up at 4:45 my usual
work day time to get up! I tried to go back to sleep but no luck.
Last night was Corey's house warming. It was nice. I got to see people I hadn't seen in a very long time Katie and Paul, Leah, Jessica and her husband, Chris' family, Megan and Matthew. I wish I'd taken a picture of Matthew and Megan but I was ready to go home shortly after they arrived. It was a good start to my spring break!
Chuck and his mom.

Jenn, Corey, and Jessica Chris' dad and my dad
Valerie (Chris' sister) and Chris. What is he doing to my dog??

Chris' mom, Stuart (my brother) and my mom.
Hey baby!
Dad and Renny
Renny the little party dog.
missed you Jesse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!