See the difference? Posted by Hello

This is the color I painted the "family room". It changes color with different lights. Posted by Hello

again and again.......

I am not believing that we are going to be hit by yet another hurricane.
I started training for my new job this week so I haven't had time to prepare. I had to leave training yesterday because of a toothache I'd been having for two days that was making me ill.
Unfortunately, I had to have it pulled and this was one I'd had a root canal and a crown on. Even though, it still got infected - yuckky. But, I am starting to feel better and this is good.



I finally got the walls painted, with a lot of help from Tricia, Chuck and Jesse. I can't get my pictures to download right now. I'll add them later.
I started training for work Tuesday... sort of boring but next week will be better.


This is actually after hurricane Charley. This picture was taken after all the branches were removed. You couldn't see the house at all until the leaves and branches were cut back.