I decided while I'm off to do some painting. Wow, out of practice, hard to do.
I find it helps to figure out what needs to be fixed when I put it on the computer.
The left side shows whats in the picture better the right side shows more of the true colors but the flash washed out some of the painting.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day we had family and friends over for a cookout and surprise. Fun time.
Mom, Stu, Patsy, Trish, looking at Corey's dress

Trish, playing Vanna, showing Corey's shoes.

Corey holding Addison.

Corey, Tricia, Addison, and Jessica

Christopher and Elsie.

Brewier and Chuck, yes they called each other before to coordinate their shirts, jk

Megan, the non-dog person, being loved by the person loving dog.

Surprise!! Chuck asked me to stay married to him for another 25 years and gave me..

a pretty ring - the band with diamonds.. and of course I said yes

Chuck and Brewier working hard on the food.
Trish, my sis, Patsy, Gerard and Mom.

Jess and Addison. I have better pictures but they're all sideways


Friday Fun

Today I got to spend with Tricia. We went to my favorite Panera Bread in Heathrow/Lake Mary. The view is so pretty and the weather today was so nice!Then we went to see Corey at work. Nice store. Corey's been there 1 and a half weeks and is their number 1 salesperson already.
Then we went to a shopping plaza I've never been to with a World Bazaar(?) I think that was the store, neat! And other stores, more than I've been to in awhile it was fun not having to watch the clock. Then subs from Publix and home. Fun day, thanks Tricia!
The view from Panera Bread

The reflection in Tricia's cool purse.

Tricia, and I'm sorry I caught you chewing, but I thought the picture was good still..


Family fun

Yesterday we went to Mom and Dad's. My brother Terry, sister-n-law Donna and their boys Eric, Kevin, Brian, David, and Christopher are here from New Mexico visiting. We had a nice time.
Eric (spiderman) and Brian (pirate Jack Sparrow) like to act. The other boys I didn't get pictures of (boy do I feel terrible) but my brother Stuart got some I will post later.
Donna thought we should put on music while doing the dishes and dance. That was a blast. Me, mom and Donna doing the twist, the pony, and whatever other hip jerking dances we could think of in the kitchen. In a very short time all the men were at the door watching. So...shaking that thang makes them come running, funny.
We went for a walk too. All around fun time!!!

Trish, my sis with spiderman.

Chuck the cutie pirateman

neat tree mom thinks the storm bent

Brian, Mom and Trish

Eric, Chuck, Me, Mom and Terry in the back standing

Donna and Me before the fun started

Chris, Corey and Spiderman

Brian, Jack Sparrow the pirate

Corey and Christopher. He asked us Saturday if he could ask....


Sunday morning planning

I have 8 days off starting Wed. It takes a special cup, a special pen, brown sugar toast, and being outside to plan for my 8 days off - woohoo!
Chuck comes in while I'm writing this and starts talking. I, having some male tendencies, ignore him. He says, "Why aren't you talking to me?" I turn and say, "what do you want to talk about?" He clams up, like I've hurt his feelings and starts walking away. I grab his shirt trying to get his attention, forgetting I'm in a rolling chair and get rolled to the livingroom. Never did find out what he wanted.


7 random facts/habits - Tricia tagged me

Here are the rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. You need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. Yesterday was my 25th wedding anniversary. We didn't do anything special but it was a very special day. I am blessed and proud to be married to such a wonderful man. Thank you Chuck for 25 wonderful years.

2. We've moved 8 times since we've been married never venturing out of the Orlando, Sanford, Oviedo areas. I moved 8 times as a kid, TX, AK, Alabama, SC, FL, Idaho, and back to FL.

3. I am and have been an artist as long as I can remember. I am and always have been afraid to say I am an artist.

4. I like to sing. I've been married 25 years and Chuck's never heard me sing.

5. I like to drive. I like to travel and go places I've never been.

6. I love to take pictures. When I look at most things I think, "good picture"?

7. Couldn't think of any habits except I can be messy and unorganized which is so frustrating because I used to be so neat and extremely (to the point of OCD) organized.

I'm not tagging anyone in particular besides Corey and Jesse. If you read this your tagged.


Happy Mother's Day

We had a nice lunch at my brother Stuart's. Corey surprised me with something special (later). Jesse called without being reminded and told me she loved me. I miss her! It was a very good blessed day.
For my mom:
My mom was the best mom growing up - all the kids were jealous.
She liked to play with us and make life fun. She could sing (still can) better than most country singers. She loved us and we knew it and of course she still does. Thanks mom for teaching us the most important things in life, relationship with God, relationships with friends and family and enjoying time with them. Thanks for being the best mom ever. I love you!!
My mom:

Chuck's mom. Love you too!

My brother and sister (twins). Stu and Trish.

Corey and Me. She gave me the best present ever. She surprised me by playing piano, singing, and directing the choir in church this morning. I had no idea she could direct. Wow!! She looked like such a beautiful lady. I guess it's the first time I saw my baby as an adult. I cried.

Dad. I almost beat you at cards.


More pictures from Ringling.

Corey and Christopher

I like when he laughs. It makes me happy.

The sun the other nite when we were walking.


Farmer's Market

The Winter Park farmer's market.

Look at all the butterfly


Ringling last Sunday

Trip to Ringling Museum of Art last Sunday.
Corey and Elizabeth

Corey, Christopher, Chuck, hey the 3 C's

Ca da Zan

inside the house

from the rose garden

love these trees

Chuck and Peter Paul Reubens, the painting where Abraham meets Melchizedek (sp?)


Catching up

Haven't had time to post lately so going to play catch up next few days. Beach trip 2 weeks ago.