Sunday dinner

Corey and Christopher came over this evening for dinner.
Doggy dress up seems to be the fun thing to do when they come over.
Diaper on the little dog.

Corey sleeping

Jesse fighting with Charli

Charli in pink

Yosey punk dog


2x 2day

So, being my 1st day to start working on any art for awhile..I thought I'd start small, 2 1/2" x 3 1/2". I need to practice being soooooo out of practice. I like watercolors for that.
finished I think..

framed trying to show how small by using my thumb in the picture. For some reason it just doesn't seem to appear as small as it is.

With the still life.

2 weeks in one blog...

I can't believe how long it's been since I've blogged. I've been sort of busy trying to get my art room cleaned up. I've decided to hold off on any major renovations till I'm off this summer. Which means, yes, I quit Disney. I'm wondering if I did the right thing but right now this Sat. morning knowing I don't have to go into work this evening feels pretty good. Saturday is going to be my self employment day working on ART. I desire and NEED to try to make $ with ART.
You know me lots of pictures.
This is my hunk
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these are my babies

if you look in the door you can see Charli's face reflecting

She's winking at me, cute!

babies again..I like babies being grown ups. I got to go to a movie with Corey last Friday. 27 dresses - liked it very much.
Corey and Jesse



sleeping charli

Last Saturday I went to a seminar by Linda Werner from Circle Christian School. It was titled A Woman's Mission finding the life God has for you. It was about writing a mission statement for your life. It's never too late, (or early) or your never too old (or young) to get going on this. I think every woman should go. It's helped me to start to try to focus and get moving forward after all the changes that have happened in the past few years.
I went with Tracy and Evelyn. Tracy spoke about Hannah and her purpose. It was extremely moving and inspiring. People always remarked about how Hannah never complained. I miss Hannah. I know a lot of people do.
After the seminar I showed them my favorite Panera Bread. You can sit outside the view is pretty. We met Tina at the seminar and she went with us too. It was a very nice day!!


Tracy and Tina.

Hands have been inspiring me lately. Maybe it means I need to start working with mine and get some art done!


Looking forward to the weekend...

This week seemed long. I guess because I was off for 2. Been thinking about the road a lot lately. Miss the snow and the scenery.

Jesse and Charli

Goodbye Christmas 2007 and ...Look what I can do!

Chuck's mom got us a Wolfgang Puck oven for Christmas. It has a pizza, rotisserie, convection and regular oven. I rostisseried a chicken, wow! It was good too.

I hate taking down the tree and saying goodbye to Christmas for the year. Until next year..bye reindeer

bye lites

bye Christmas village

see you next year tree and puppies under it (no puppies next year, only dogs)

Time to not be sad but to look forward to the New Year. Hope everyone has a very BLESSED New Year!!!!!!1


Happy New Year!!

New Year's Eve was Chuck, Corey and I. Jesse was in Seabring with Eric and his family. Christopher had to work. I don't think I'd want that job on New Year's Eve.
So we toasted in the New Year and lit a few fireworks. Hope everyone has a great year!