Today, Chuck and I went to the Turkey Run at the Daytona Speedway. I took
pictures of paint jobs I thought were cool.

I took pictures of his dream car that he actually owned at one time the Challenger.

The school bus of my dreams, I want one!!!
Thanksgiving was nice. Chuck, Corey, Jesse, me, Mom, Dad, Stu, Trish, Corey's friend's Brianne and Jean, and Clark from church. I picked up Stuart's camera
by mistake, same as mine, so I only had 3 pics on mine from the day. But it was
a very nice time with two games of hearts, dad and Chuck won. I never win but
enjoy playing. And the food was good.

Corey was so busy around her birthday I only got 2 pictures, one opening her new digital camera and the other of our traditional birthday breakfast coffee.


When Corey has too much time on her hands....
no one will ever eat whipped cream at our house again


I want to make this and I'm getting the stuff to do it.
Look at this website for more of this kind of jewelry I want to start making.

I think Corey could be a hand model.

Corey has an audition at Rollins this Friday. Please keep her in your prayers.


Halloween at our house the drama queen and scary boy. The funny thing,
the fake blood stained jesse's chin the next day.

Jesse's pumpkin, I think you can tell what it is.