My morning glories are taking over

 They're even climbing up the tree

I had a visitor the other day.
I was trying to catch him in flight but
not very successful.

On another note...a family member went to the Dr. 
for a female checkup and was told they are no longer doing pap smears
on women over 70 unless they've had problems in the past.
  Obama care has begun.


from Jesus Calling:
Do not be afraid to be different from other people.
The path I have called you to travel is exquisitely right for you.
The more closely you follow My leading,
the more fully I can develop your gifts.  To follow Me
wholeheartedly, you must relinquish your desire to 
please other people.  However, your closeness to Me
will bless others by enabling you to shine brightly in this 
dark world. 

Sunday, Jesse came over for a visit.  She made
me 2 cakes.  White cake with coconut and chocolate
cake with vanilla and coconut frosting, yum.

 Trish, my sister came over too and brought me a chocolate
cream cheese cake and a PURSE (which I will take a photo
of later and post it) pretty purse!

Jesse also brought her birthday present over and
showed it to us.  A Sig Sauer, not sure of spelling.
It has a laser pointer on it.
 I was trying to get the laser but you can't see it.

Monday was my shot day.  I get
an Xgeva shot once a month to make
my bones stronger because of cancer.
Chuck took the day off and we drove to the beach after.
We didn't stay very long.  Sometimes
the shot makes me feel bad.  But the 
beach was beautiful.

Saturday, Chuck took me to the Dali Museum for my
birthday.  We were supposed to go last year but didn't 
make it.  I was going through radiation at the time and
was too tired.  He brought the wheelchair, which I did
not want, but was very glad he did.  The museum was much
larger than I thought it would be

The grounds, the building, the location beautiful.

 The piece most people recognize by Dali

 Chuck's in the middle of the mustache, its hard to see

 The wishing tree

 Chuck drove through Ybor after
the museum.  I always wanted to see
what it looked like.
Thank you everyone for making my birthday so special
this year!


FYI - I posted the picture of myself because I was contacted about the possibility of being in a breast cancer survivor calendar.  They needed a head shot, of which I had none, so Chuck set up
a place to take a photo, told me to put on lots of makeup, wear something simple, then he took photos.
He did a great job.  He did take photography in college, forever ago but he is really good at composition and lighting.  I do not like having photos taken of myself, yuck!
Anyway, back to the calendar.  They were asking for survivors so I may not fit because I'm not a survivor - I'm surviving.  I will always have this.  The goal is to keep me as well as possible.  They can't cure it.
I found something online recently talking about how when you have Stage IV that's metastasized they seem more laid back in your treatment.  Someone who has stage I, that is confined to the breast, will have a much more aggressive treatment with chemo usually and other things I won't have to go through hopefully because they're trying to cure it before it gets to where I am.  Once you get to where I am the goal is to keep it under control.
Anyway I'll let you know if I'm going to be in the calendar or not. (Not sure I really want to be.)


Yesterday was a fun day with Tricia, Megan and Oliver
you can see pictures on facebook.  I could not get them
to download here for some reason.  For my birthday - 
she treated me to coffee at Starbucks, a gift card to Sam Flax, 
lunch at Thai house (I always wanted to try Thai food, yum,)
 and cupcakes from Raphsodic Bakery  (a treat from Megan, thank you!)
  After giving me the gift card she took me to Sam Flax where 
I got some awesome stuff, yay!  Thank you Tricia! 
 It was very sweet of you and I had a wonderful day spending
 time with you all.  (Should've said ya'll)  
Can you see the watercolor tubes on the visual journal, 
can't wait to use them.


I don't like photos of myself but Chuck
made me sit for these.  I think he's got
some talent because I am not photogenic.
He's good at telling you what to do. 


More 4th photos
Donna and Brian
 Kevin and Christopher
 Donna and Terry
 Eric and Brian with the t shirt I painted for him.
 I think they liked their t shirts!  Yay!!
 Terry's t shirt and no I didn't paint this one
 but I did do a painting of his dog Phoenix which
I think he liked, yay!

 Terry says he's not a party person..
 time for fireworks woo hoo!!!

 roman candles for everybody

 even Dad came out and Jesse got him to light a sparkler
 we got Disney fireworks!

 Dad and Eric
 my last two photos before my battery died