Sunday, Jesse came over for a visit.  She made
me 2 cakes.  White cake with coconut and chocolate
cake with vanilla and coconut frosting, yum.

 Trish, my sister came over too and brought me a chocolate
cream cheese cake and a PURSE (which I will take a photo
of later and post it) pretty purse!

Jesse also brought her birthday present over and
showed it to us.  A Sig Sauer, not sure of spelling.
It has a laser pointer on it.
 I was trying to get the laser but you can't see it.

Monday was my shot day.  I get
an Xgeva shot once a month to make
my bones stronger because of cancer.
Chuck took the day off and we drove to the beach after.
We didn't stay very long.  Sometimes
the shot makes me feel bad.  But the 
beach was beautiful.

Saturday, Chuck took me to the Dali Museum for my
birthday.  We were supposed to go last year but didn't 
make it.  I was going through radiation at the time and
was too tired.  He brought the wheelchair, which I did
not want, but was very glad he did.  The museum was much
larger than I thought it would be

The grounds, the building, the location beautiful.

 The piece most people recognize by Dali

 Chuck's in the middle of the mustache, its hard to see

 The wishing tree

 Chuck drove through Ybor after
the museum.  I always wanted to see
what it looked like.
Thank you everyone for making my birthday so special
this year!

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