Let's get real...
Yesterday and today have been a little stressful. Corey had to have a something
done at the Dr. where they used anesthesia (sp.?). Anyway, seeing her afterward
so tiny and sooo asleep was a little scary. And, finding out my sister-n-law has
cancer and they're doing the surgery today also, let's just say the waterworks have
been flowing.
So what do I do? Come home and play with my computer and painting... I guess it's stress release.
I've been playing with it a little more, 2 versions.

This is the actual painting below... I think I like the top one with all the
pretty colors. Guess I've got to get the paints back out.


A painting I started. Chuck says, "a lone tree". I realized its how I feel.

Different versions after playing with it in Photoshop...
A painting Corey did, her 1st.


They have Santa's White Christmas Coffee ICE CREAM at
Publix. Turn it into a frozen coffee drink.... YUM!

yes... random picture
I finally got all the Christmas decorations put away. It took all day.
I think I don't want anymore Christmas stuff 'cause if it takes all day
that's just too much stuff. I want to simplify this year. Get rid of
what we don't need or use and make life easier. More storage space for new
stuff....just kidding.
I want to get work done, artwork. I have so many ideas. I want to simplify
that too, narrow it down to what I really want to get done. What does God
want me to do with my art. I think I started on that path and got sidetracked.
I guess in a way I'm making my list of resolutions. I think this is a good
start, enough to work on for now. (and of course there's always the health and
weight thing...)


Today, Mom, Me,Corey, and Trish went to the Disney hotels to see their Christmas
decorations before they were gone.

This is a real gingerbread house, the whole thing, believe it or not.

Pictures from New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. These are really out of order.

Pictures from St. Augustine