Leu gardens

Today I braved the heat and went to Leu Gardens with
Mom. It actually wasn't too bad 'till about
10:30 then it started to get muggy hot. But it
was fine before that.

Hi Mom

This picture looks like I photoshopped
a glowing light into it but I didn't touch it, pretty.

Mom said she'd never seen a butterfly
sit and let someone take a picture of it
This guy was a perfect model

camo plant

I liked the star flower


Sometimes I get a picture I like
when my lens fogs up, happy little accident


nap time

my art is really getting weird
this isn't finished not sure where I'm going
with it

haven't glued these down didn't realize some
were crooked when I took the picture



Eye candy blog, pretty....


Yesterday was a fun day.
I met Tricia at Starbucks for coffee and free pastry.
Yummy blueberry scones. I like just about anything with blueberries.
We went back to her house for sketching.
I'm trying to get back into practice with my drawing.
What helps with that is having someone who likes to draw
also draw you while you draw them. I did this last week with
Tracy but forgot to take pictures. This is the sketch Tricia did of me.
I like it and think its funny she focused on my foot first and drew
from there. That would be very hard for me to do.
After Tricia's, I met mom and we went bowling. I did better
than usual. Mom always beats me though, she's good.
It was a fun day! And Trish (my sis) met us at the mall, yay!



I finally finished my door piece
the really neat button bouquet Tricia gave me
for my birthday (I always wanted one)

Day at really is free on your birthday
but only in 2009
me and MomI'm a castle freak, love castles Minnie's house
I (we) rode Thunder Mountain
Jesse acting 'cause she said I need to ride a "real" roller coaster
I (we) rode splash mountain
going around the corner in the above picture,
another log came down this right when we went
by and completely soaked us.
I looked like I'd gotten in the shower with my clothes on.
I was wearing jean capris so I was wet the rest of the evening = not fun

the anticipation of it all....

remember I love castles and this one comes in purply pink
... and blue
fireworks from the parking lot cause I didn't want to be in the
crowd that flows out after

the only problem was the monorail track blocking part of my pictures
fun day!



clouds outside - everyday it rains - something I like tiny cupcakes, unfortunately hard to eat just one

heard of "pimp my ride", well this is "pimp my dog"
a very different peice of art I'm working on

I forgot to take pictures

We had a family cookout yesterday kind of a late 4th
celebration. I forgot to take pictures. This past week
working on the kitchen and trying to get everything
done I just kind of ran out of steam by Saturday.
It was a nice time but missed Corey, Christopher, and
Trish. The only thing I have a picture of
(because Chuck took it) is the new grill
he bought (you get what you pay for)
caught on fire. Oh well.



Jesse started another project I didn't want to get
involved in right now. Chuck wants to have
a family get together here tomorrow and I need to
get ready for that. Soooo.. I guess she's on her
own but where will the dresser go while everyone's here?When Jesse's home (she's living here now)
Millie won't let her out of her sight. She really
loves her.


this is a working summer

what the kitchen looked like before (bad picture) but just to see the difference, Beadboard is
an all day project but I'm liking it.
I know I was supposed to paint first but Chuck is off right now and
I couldn't do this part without him. Today we are taking off. It's his
last vacation day so we are doing something vacationey - like get out of town.
Don't know where or what but rest and relaxation are required this day!!!!