Some Christmas pics...I'm still working on getting one of mom and dad on here.
Corey and Jesse Christmas morning..

Trish, my sister


Stu, my brother and his new pool table

Chuck's mom and husband Gunther

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I get two weeks off from work and 3 days into my time off
I get sick. I thought I was getting better but today I
started coughing worse and had problems breathing (scared me)so I gave
in and went to the Dr.
He immediately made me do a breathing treatment, put me on anti-
biotics and an inhaler. He kept asking me if I smoke or have
asthma. I'm allergic to cigarettes and do you all of a sudden get
asthma? I hope I feel better by Friday. We wanted to take a day
trip to St. Augustine.


Getting frustrated
I'm not blogging at night anymore it doesn't work right.
I tried to get more pictures from the concert to download
and they wouldn't, probably because I touched them up
in photoshop.
pictures from the Christmas concert for Hannah


I can't believe I'm finally off. I had to work extra hours Wed. thru Fri. because the high school kids got out at 11:45 they were testing. The rest of the schools
got out at the usual time so my days were kind of messed up. But now I'm free for
2 weeks YIPPEE! I did get a lot of gifts from the kids which I did not expect but the best gift was when they told me I'm the best bus driver. Sometimes they can be really sweet.

Yesterday, I drove for the Orlando Children's Church and Chuck was my
monitor. They had their annual Christmas party and had approximately 450 kids. It
was unbelievable. I drove one of the buses that followed a regular bus. When they
were full they started loading mine. I had 3 to a seat, some 4. These are kids who
don't have much. It was an amazing experience. It's a God thing how this started just a few years ago with one man and a few kids and now it's this huge.

This week I get to do all my Christmas shopping because I don't have anything yet. I have never waited 'till the week before Christmas
to do my shopping. It should be quite an experience.

Wed. night at church they are having a concert and are taking donations for Hannah's
transplant = to anyone who would like to come. Corey is playing 2 songs = and she
was given the honor of playing the last one. I think it's going to be very nice.
I'm not sure if Jesse is doing anything or not. I thought she was but she told me
today she's working doubles all week.

That's my update for now.

Here's a picture of Catalina in her new favorite spot.


Catching up

Flu shot, hopefully it will be worth the pain. Since I'm around 150 kids a day
I thought I needed it but my arm, shoulder, neck and back really hurt from it.

Books I've been reading:
I read It's Not About Me by Max Lucado, good read.
Now I'm reading, Developing the Leader Within You by John C. Maxwell.
No, I don't have any leadership desires just happened to be the only
book within reach one night that I hadn't finished reading. It talks about
being an influencer. Everyone is that to everyone around them, whether
positive or negative. The chapter I'm in now is about attitude. We
may not be able to control our circumstances but we do control how we
react to them. The most successful people, in business, health matters, life
in general, tend to have a positive attitude - according to what I'm reading.
I, personally, agree.

Corey's last concert at SCC was Tuesday night. I had to get a picture of her
with the baritone sax she plays that's almost as big as she is. Next semester
she's off to Rollins (Praise God!!!).