I had to show off this picture Corey drew the other night, awesome, she's got talent.
This will probably be my last post for awhile. We leave Friday for Charlotte and truck school, 3 weeks long. Sunday my family had an early BD party for me since I won't be here. T-bone steaks cooked the best by dad. Lots of fun and tears.
Sorry mom the pictures I took outside so I don't have one with you..
the 1st picture Corey took. I like.

Trish, Dad and me.

Dad and Stu

Jesse and Eric in Texas. It's amazing to me how this picture looks like some of mom and dad 30 years ago

The fountain by the house on one of our walks.

When we get our own truck (if we pass everything) I may start a new blog - the artist truck driver or something along those lines. Pray for us when you think of us. I'm already stressing about school but looking forward to when we're on our own.


The rainbow last night. I lucked out on the 2nd one and got fireworks too.


Jesse and Spanky

Spanky yelling
The last 3 days I've been spending with friends and family because we're leaving soon. Tuesday I went bowling, lunch and to the mall with mom. Wednesday I met Tracy at Panera bread, really talked and went to Sams. Thursday I spent the day with Tricia. I forgot my camera Tues. and Wed. but got pictures of yesterday. I don't think I've ever been so many places in one day.
This is a courtyard at one of the model homes in _____can't remember the name park - where the navy base used to be.

We went to City Hall to look at the art exhibit. Christy Wood had a peice in it. I wish I'd taken a picture of it. This is the outside fountain - sculpture.

Inside city hall

Tricia at one of the model homes, sorry it's blurry Tricia.

We walked on Park Avenue in Winter Park.

These were two purses in one of the windows on Winter Park that looked more like art to me.

It was a fun day. Window shopping on Park Ave., almond crossiant at Whole Foods, coffee at Star Bucks (where Tricia got a free coffee with whipped cream and coconut) City Hall art exhibit, Florida Mall and the best pizza ever at California Kitchen (?), and finally model homes tour.


a little further along

This may not be that great and it's not even close to being finished but it's the 1st thing in ages I've done that I'm actually excited about. It's a Christmas card design.


Jesse brought a kitten home to give to mom. Mom couldn't keep her and she came back here. We can't keep her because we already have 2 cats, a dog, a guinea pig and a hermit crab. She's very cute and we were going to take her to the animal shelter because we knew she would be adopted and fixed but Jesse disagreed and took her to work. She's mad and we're frustrated.
On another note, Corey and I went to the beach Thursday. Perfect day. I only got 2 pictures. The water was clear and smooth. We saw dolphin really close to shore, lots of them playing and jumping. I didn't realize how much I'd missed going to the beach. Here's Corey enjoying the convertible.

broken leg doggy

The kitten watching tv and being a kitten


I've always sketched in church. You know abstract-ish designs and scribbles.

But I found this website of a woman who sketches people in church.
She inspired me. So this is Katie, Dorema and Brother Steve.