Are you sure?

There in his bed he lay.
6 months left the Dr.'s say.
84, it's been a good life
not too much pain, or hurt, or strife.
Involved in church
there every week.
Since 20 years of age he's been
60 years without much sin
Through the years
you'd think he'd known
the truth, the light, the road to home.
But unsure
and a hope is all he could say.
So truth is explained
there is only one way.
He finally gets it
after all these years.
And cries out
with joyous cheers,
"A new man I've become
this very day. I know now
Jesus alone is the way!"
And repeats it again,
over and over,
"A new man I've become -
all my life - this is what I've waited for.
All my life He's been there
An open door."
But I never accepted
This truth until now.
So he asks, “Do you know? for sure?
this day?
That you are on the path, the way...
to Heaven and Jesus…”
and this I will pray,
that you know
without doubt
for sure today.

I don't know why this came out this way but it's actually true.
Our Pastor told us about this happening when he visited a man from our church who
had been there 60 years thinking he had it all along. But when he was asked he had fear and only "hope" that when he died he would go to heaven.
But now he knows for sure and is without fear.
How 'bout you?
Have you accepted Christ? Do you believe he is the son of God and died for your sin?
It's simple, believe and pray; God I know you love me. I believe you sent your son to earth to die so that I might live. I know I've sinned and ask for forgiveness and I ask for Christ to come in and be Lord of my life. I thank you God for saving me.
If you prayed let me know. I'll keep you in my prayers and pray for you to find a good Bible believing church home.
May God bless you!!


Christmas Lights

Today Jesse put up Christmas lights for us. Something she's done for a couple of years now. She says she's not finished yet. I think she is.


family fun

Mom and Trish.

Stuart took this picture of the monorail. I like the composition.

Christopher having fun on Tom Sawyer's island.

2 trips to the parks. Magic kingdom and animal kingdom.

Christopher is such a big kid

Even Jesse's dog Reney gets in on the fun.


Wedding pictures

Here's some pictures from the wedding. I wanted to post more maybe later. Stuart, my brother took these and at such a high resolution they took 5 minutes each to download. It was a very nice wedding. Just the right length and perfect. Corey was beautiful and Christopher handsome. We pray for God to bless their marriage. We love you two!!!!