a real post

I haven't really written a "real post" in a while. Work really zaps me right now because of the heat.
Sunday before last we had a nice surprise when Tricia and Brewier stopped by for a visit. It was weird because I had a feeling they might.
We keep rearranging the living room since Mom and Dad gave us the early Christmas present. We went to Ikea Saturday to get a new stand for it. I really enjoy going to Ikea but Chuck not so much. He likes the stuff it's just overload for him.
So I think we've finally finished rearranging for now and actually got some pictures hung up. I think the pictures in the photo below look crooked on the wall but their not it's just the lighting and shadows. I still want to add more pictures.


1st day of school and early Christmas

School started back today. So far so good. I have a pre/k in a car seat which is going to take some getting used to. I haven't used one of those in a while. They're a little more difficult than I remember. Still too many kids and way too hot!!!!! Oh and if you didn't know I still have the same run and bus.
Mom and Dad gave us an early Christmas present because ours had started making this really loud ringing-buzzing noise even when it was turned off.
We rearranged the living room to accommodate the wonderful gift.
Thanks again Mom and Dad we really like it!!!!

and here it is.. it's huge!!!

haven't decided yet if this is how we'll leave it for sure so pictures aren't all up


Mom and Patsy's birthday

Yesterday was Mom's birthday and Friday was Patsy's birthday so we celebrated both Saturday. Surprise for mom was Terry flew in, YAY! I think it turned out very nice.


Birthday week

Tomorrow is Jesse's 24th, Friday is Chuck's mom's 75th, and Sat. is Mom's 70th.
Busy week for me.
And next week I go back to work on Tuesday 1/2 day, 1/2 day Wed., I get to work an open house at a school on Thursday and Friday. Oh what fun to be back at work. I better start enjoying my last week of freedom = NOW.

Chuck likes to photograph things that look like other things like barnacle babies that look like flowers.