23 years ago we spent our honeymoon in a cabin just beyond the trees in this picture. Six years ago all the cabins were burned down by arsonists.  This is also where the movie "Dirty Dancing" was filmed.  It was filmed during the winter so the grass had to be spray painted green and leaves put back on the trees.  They also didn't do closeups in the water scene because their lips were blue.  Interesting the things you learn on a boat cruise.
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What I love about N.C.

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Our last day in North Carolina we went to Chimney Rock, Lake Lure where we spent our honeymoon 23 years ago.  If we only knew then what we know now.  In the last 3 years a home that sold for $100,000 is now worth $3,000,000 unbelievable.  It's a beautiful place


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Saturday we went to Mt. Mitchell the highest mountain in the East.This is the building at the very top.  There are some really cool hiking trails with vegetation and animals that are indigenous only to this area.


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Another old building

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This is an old church in Asheville.


Day 2 North Carolina

I told you this would be long and also
long in getting it all out since I'm back
at work.
Chuck and I decided to go to Asheville on
Friday. It seems to have changed a lot.
There are many new buildings but some of
the old are still there which I love to
photograph. Old buildings are fascinating you
can almost see the people from that era walking
around, living their lives.
We also went to the Folk art museum on the
Blue Ridge Parkway. This is a great museum it
really has some beautiful work of artists now
living. They also had "blenko glass" which I
would like to start collecting.


North Carolina
This will be a long post.

I may not finish it all at once.
Last Wed. nite we left for N.C.
for our 23rd anniversary.
We arrived sometime on Thursday,
don't remember exactly because we
spent the night in a stinky motel.
We were staying at Tom and Cindy's place called the

"barn". It actually was at one time a barn where they
dried tobacco leaves.
They fixed it up with a kitchen, living, dining, sitting
and upstairs bedroom loft area - oh and 3 toilets and
one shower. They own part of a mountain or two so
that's right outside the door along with a stream running
down from the mountain, with lots of rocks in it -
I am the forever rock collector - not for type but for prettiness.
When we went upstairs and claimed our sleeping space

(the room we chose is called the cave) we noticed an
unpleasant smell. Chuck soon located the source,
a dead mouse, yuk. But the removal and lysol
soon expelled the deadly odor. We decided to hike

up the mountain before dinner. It's really beautiful
up there but the bugs are bad this time of year.
After dinner and a shower I was relaxing upstairs with a good book when
I heard this bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...smack into the wall in front of me and the
biggest fattest hornet I've ever seen started crawling on the pillow on the
bed next to me. Yes, it scared me bad!!!! but I still managed to kill it (Chuck
was in the shower or it would have been his job). Next we decided to
relax and watch a movie. We turned off the lights and part way through
the movie Chuck jumps up with his flashlite and says, "I think there's a
bat flying around in here." So we turn on the lites and sure enough, bat.
I get the bright idea to go into our bedroom and close the door so it can't
get in the one room you can close off. I run to the room about to go through
the door when I feel it fly over my head and see it go into the room, Chuck
said it actually ran into the door 1st because I'd already let out this blood
curdling scream that messed up its radar. Anyway, I managed to fall backwards
out of the room and slammed the door shut.
Well, I'll make this part short, it had landed on a wall and wouldn't move - my
scream scared it to death. Chuck figured out a way to catch it. He
took this trash can and put it over the bat - while I held it - he slipped a
towel over the opening by moving the trash can away from the wall a little
at a time. He held the towel tight over the opening and took it outside.
So, the room Tom and Cindy call the"cave" can now officially be called the
"bat cave".
I talked to Dad earlier and he sounds like he's going to be ok.
He said he just felt sore and he's going to have a black eye.
He sounded in a good mood for all he went through.
God is good. Thanks for all your prayers!
Latest update:

Dad was released from the hospital around 11:30pm.
The bleeding was from the gash that occurred when
he hit his head. He received 8 stitches and an MRI
was performed - there was no internal bleeding.
The doctor said that only time will tell whether or
not he has a concussion.

Please continue to pray for a quick recovery and that
he will not have the symptoms common with a concussion.
Also pray God will continue to give him peace, strength
and help him overcome the pain.


Dad fell today and hit his head.
He's at the hospital now waiting for a CT scan
and he will probably need stitches.
He's on cumadin (blood thinner) so they
have concerns with it clotting correctly.
Please keep him in your prayers and mom too -
for peace and remembering God is in control.


Yesterday, I went on the Winter Park boat tour. Pretty views, nice weather, learned
new things. Also, had to add a picture of Jesse.
Last night, Chuck and I went to dinner with Benny's parents and family. Benny is Corey's boyfriend. It was interesting. They seem to be very nice.
Our dog is weird - she likes apples.
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One of the canals we went down.
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Rollins College from the water.
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Rollins old music conservatory - sold - personal residence now.
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These are what Moses' mom made his basket from.
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This is a new painting, taken from another I saw, with some changes, made it my own.  Weird, I know.