Going through journals

 I've kept a journal since high school.  
When I first found out I had cancer
I didn't feel like writing but as time went
on I found it necessary to get through
the day sometimes.  
 This morning I picked up one of my journals from the year
I found out I had cancer to see what I'd written.
I can not believe it has been two years!

  I think I was, I know I was, very frustrated at the
time.  I didn't know if I would be going back to work.
I thought I would. I just didn't know when.  
decorated page sides are my first homemade stamp
I never thought I would have to retire from my job
because of this - or that it would be this soon in my life.
As of June 1, I will officially be "retired."  Wow, that
seems strange.  
Going through my journal I read this statement,
 "Step into the works He has created for us to do."
I think Tracy said that
So, Chuck pushed (encouraged) me to start
working on my art as my new job when I'm able.
It's good.  Opening an Esty shop is good.
I sold my first piece!  So exciting! Thanks
Terry and Donna!!!


Yay! I did it!

I finally opened an Etsy shop which you can visit here;  Morning Star Studio; Art by Vickie
Yay!  Happy dance!


The Surprising Truth About Organic Foods

by Dr. Stephen Sinatra - America's #1 Integrative Cardiologist
Fruits and vegetables are either organic or not, end of story--but processed foods can be trickier.The popularity of organic food has led to a lot of misrepresentation and clever marketing, making it easy to be fooled about the products you buy. Nothing can stop a local grower from claiming produce is organic when it really isn’t! (To reduce the odds of that happening to you, buy only from certified organic growers.) 
At the grocery store, there is additional reason for caution. Many big food manufacturers are acquiring small organic companies and developing new lines of organic foods. As this continues to happen, expect to see more processed foods and beverages with organic claims on their labels, even though some of those products may not live up to the ideal the organic food movement is rooted in.

With the high price of “organic” foods how do you know if what you’re buying is truly organic—or not? Fruits and vegetables are either organic or conventional. End of story. However, processed foods can be less than 100 percent organic and still qualify for one of USDA’s “organic” designations. Here is where you need to read labels carefully because you can get fooled. 

Here’s how to decode the product labels: 
  • Made with organic ingredients. At least 70 percent of the product is organic. The remaining 30 percent can be made of non-organically produced agricultural ingredients, not including water and salt. There cannot be any added sulfites, except for sulfur dioxides used in wine.
  • Organic. At least 95 percent of the product’s ingredients must be organic, not including added water and salt. The remaining 5 percent can be non-organically produced agricultural ingredients that are not commercially available in organic form—but those ingredients must be on a USDA-approved list.
  • One hundred percent organic. The product is organic, inside-out, not including added water and salt.
But you don’t have to choose organic every time. While there are several foods like peaches, apples, strawberries, and butter where organic is a must—with other foods like kiwis and avocados, organic doesn’t matter. That’s because pesticides can’t penetrate their skin.


Books I'm reading

Chuck said he needed another book to read.  I suggested
the library.  I don't know why I hadn't thought of it before.
It's been forever since we've been there.  I wanted to read some
of Madeleine L'Engle because I've been reading her non-fiction book
A Circle of Quiet.  I know these are children's books but her 
attitude of writing not specifically for children makes them
interesting.  Some are more science fiction than others which
I am a big fan of.  

The Moon by Night was more realistic 
about a girl and her family going on a camping trip across the
country and back.  It reminded me of going from Texas to Alaska
in a camper when I was a kid.  That was a memorable trip
that I really enjoyed and never forgot.  I loved living in Alaska too
and was very upset when my Dad was reassigned and we had to move to Alabama.

It was interesting
that she had the same feelings about the Grand Canyon
and Zion National Park that Chuck and I did from
our trip out west last year.  We liked Zion better
it was just one of those places that you don't expect
and are surprised by all the beauty and majesty. 

Anyway, since last Thursday I read these three books and 
To Kill a Mockingbird.  I'm going to take a break from reading
fiction and get some work (art)  and some non-fiction 
reading done.


Last week;
Last weekend we went to the beach.  There must have been
an air show close by.  We saw this Black Hawk.

Then this little plane.

Then we saw these, 2 Navy and 2 Air Force
They circled around a couple of times so I could
take their photos.

Woodpecker in the back yard.
and dogs..Minionion needs sunglasses

and Elsie baby is getting to be an old lady 

Last week was Dentist week.  Very stressful.
Need stuff done.  Yuck!


catching up

Saturday I heard bird sounds that were different.
I went outside trying to find where they were coming
from.  It was really hard to find any of them because
they were so tiny.  Chuck said they were finches and
I was able to catch one in a photo.

 More snow photos.  

An Easter treat from Jesse that she got from
they were delicious!
 and cute!

A watercolor I started from our trip.  Makes me
think of Narnia with the "lamp post"