Been awhile.....

Well, I did it, I quit!
I stayed long enough to prove I could do it and then I just decided it wasn't worth it. I was becoming very angry and stressed and now I'm sick. That's the way it goes, overload, stress and get sick.
It's such a relief knowing I don't have to go back..... for those who don't know.... I was driving the school bus from - heck, I'm so happy -yippee it's over!!!!!!!!!


long week.....

This has been one of the longest weeks ever. I had training all week, which usually lasts 2 - 3 days, 10 hour days. But, I got the bus from...well you know where and the kids are completely out of control. Three boys got in a fight Thursday - which somehow I ended up in the middle of, by accident I assure you. Anyway, one of them pushed me so all 3 were suspended. I almost quit... but my trainer convinced me to give it a try, or else she'd hunt me down....
Scary what the world will be like in about 15 years when these kids are "adults".

Ok then.... Posted by Hello

Why Jesse felt the need to spend money on a costume for the dog I do not know. Posted by Hello

Cat on a stick. Posted by Hello


I passed my CDL test Thursday. Who would have ever thought I could parallel park a 40' bus.

This is our dog Elsie.

finishing my thought

We are thinking about finding a good home for Elsie because
we just don't have enough time for her. This makes me sad - she is so sweet.