saturday another perfect day

Saturday, Chuck and I went garage sale ing in the morning.
We've been trying to find a bike for him. We almost got one but
somebody beat us to it, darn. But it was a fun morning anyway.
Corey came over in the afternoon and we got a pumpkin for her to
carve but I forgot to take pictures. I tried to make a pattern
from a picture of Miles but it wasn't too successful so she
carved the shape of a Corgi, cute.
When she finished her carving she made a pumpkin dessert, yum and we
watched the 2nd transformers movie. Another perfect day!

zoo trip

Monday I had a field trip to the zoo. Jesse met me there.
I hadn't been there since the girls were around 10. It's
changed a lot. It was a perfect day.
When it's cool enough to wear a jacket (and Jesse time), that's perfect.


It's that time of year again

Jesse seems to like going to the pumpkin patch,
picking out pumpkins and "decorating" them.


I really like garage sales

We've been looking for a new little fridge for drinks and
they are not cheap. Today we found a really nice one at
a garage sale for $35 yay! It's almost twice as
big as the one we had before and Chuck had
been researching them and found out this
is a really good brand, again yay!


Mary had a little lamb

At the elementary school some parents live close enough to
walk with their kids to school. The other day
I noticed this lady carrying what I thought
was a puppy. She set it down to let it walk behind her and
I saw it was a lamb or maybe it's a baby goat.
It followed her just like a dog. I saw her
this morning and asked if I could take a picture. She said sure and
told it where to stand and told it to stay sooooo cute. I
didn't know you could train them like that.


now I remember

I don't ever, I guess you call it, deep fry food and today I remember why. oww my tummy hurts


Oh my..!

Yum, yum I had a recipe for beer battered
asparagus so I thought I would try squash,
mushrooms, and chicken, mmm good.
sorry a little blurry


Art I finished yesterday, well actually just now. punkin dog
humiliated punkin dog


Corey and Chris' new baby

Corey sent me a text yesterday saying, "I have a surprise
you and Daddy won't like". How could I not like something so
cute? But I do think it's too much, let's see 2 dogs, 2 cats,
a chinchilla and 2 fish. Way too much for me. But I sure like this
puppy. I told her it's like having grandkids I get to play with it and
love it and send it home, yay. His name is Miles Davis, like the jazz musician.
I call him Miles of Smiles 'cause he's so cute.