Corey and Chris' new baby

Corey sent me a text yesterday saying, "I have a surprise
you and Daddy won't like". How could I not like something so
cute? But I do think it's too much, let's see 2 dogs, 2 cats,
a chinchilla and 2 fish. Way too much for me. But I sure like this
puppy. I told her it's like having grandkids I get to play with it and
love it and send it home, yay. His name is Miles Davis, like the jazz musician.
I call him Miles of Smiles 'cause he's so cute.

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Chris said...

He's so fuzzy and so good. I love him. My theory is that, since Charli used to be bad and chew up everything and always potty inside... and is now good... he will only chew on toys and go potty outside now... and then in a couple years will be bad for the rest of his life.