saturday another perfect day

Saturday, Chuck and I went garage sale ing in the morning.
We've been trying to find a bike for him. We almost got one but
somebody beat us to it, darn. But it was a fun morning anyway.
Corey came over in the afternoon and we got a pumpkin for her to
carve but I forgot to take pictures. I tried to make a pattern
from a picture of Miles but it wasn't too successful so she
carved the shape of a Corgi, cute.
When she finished her carving she made a pumpkin dessert, yum and we
watched the 2nd transformers movie. Another perfect day!

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Tricia said...

Her new puppy is ADORABLE! ....but that doesn't man I'm a dog person, ya know.I'm coming home next weekend, Nov.1. I hope to get to see you!!