nice weather

I was going to upload some pictures but it just doesn't seem to be working tonight. Monday, Jesse and I went to Ikea and got her a desk so I could have mine back. I haven't done anything, art, in forever and couldn't get motivated without a desk to work on. I have it back and have something almost ready to hang, yay.
Today, the weather was so nice I drove with the top down on the way home and went for a walk when I got here and that was what the pictures were from. Love this weather hope it stays a while.


been unhappy

They changed my run and I've been miserable. They took away the kids I liked and looked forward to seeing, believe it or not my middle school.
But I have decided to stop letting it bother me and have hope that I've been moved for a reason.
Because it's a choice to be miserable or not. I'm choosing not.


another post for corey

the Sunday before Corey's surgery we all got together at Mom's for her
last (for 6 weeks) homecooked real food meal. While they played cards
Mom and I went for a bike ride around the lake. This is the house at the end of the street where Mom and Dad live.

It's HUGE and very pretty


Corey said post something

flower at mom's

Jesse started the academy Monday. She was late getting home
so I sent her a text, "are you still at school", text back, "at the Dr."
"what!?!?!" she got dehydrated and she fell doing the monkey bars.
She's fine and went back Tuesday and came home barely able to move.
They ran 5 miles the first day. The 2nd day they ran and they made her
stop and do push ups on the asphalt, ewww. But she went back today.

never thought I'd see these on Jesse

Renny knows he looks good

Millie is a very strange dog.

Happy Corey?


Labor Day

tree frog that scared me on the back door I woke up early, for a day off, and all I could
think was "go for a walk". So I did. I went around
the block once trying to wear Elsie out
and then got Renny to take with us. Renny's easy to walk but Elsie's extremely
strong so I have to get her calmed down some before trying to take both.


garage sale goodies

this is a set I just didn't take them all out

I don't think this has ever been used

I always wanted a Dooney and Burke. Can
you believe $8 and it too looks brand new!

cute bunny tea cups with wooden saucers + 3 other colors, Easter, yay