Create for the day: Have to do now won't have time later. Today I find out what the next step is at the Dr. I hate going to the Dr. Lots of pictures.
Last time we went to Costco they had these amazing tomato plants on sale for $5. They were all gone before we left the store.

Trying to catch the cardinals in our back yard. This was the best I could get this morning.

worked on this some more last night but still not finished

Elsie follows me while I'm taking pictures

more pictures from our beach trip last week

Chuck took this one. He likes to get artsy with his pictures. I like it.


Create for the day: Almost didn't happen. My other computer has some sort of virus and wouldn't allow me to go online. I don't have a way to download pictures from my camera I use the most to my mac and I don't have photoshop on it either, frustrating. I really think it's getting close to time for a new computer but that isn't possible anytime soon. Hopefully the mac will keep working till it is possible. Anyway create for the day - photographs of a couple of shells from the beach.

This one is weird but what's even stranger is the cashier at Walmart had hair that looked just like it


Three, oh wait, actually 4 posts in one day. Making up for not posting yesterday!
Chuck and I went to the beach for his birthday. It was nice till people pulled up next to us with screaming loud every few words the "F" word music playing. Thankfully they shut it off. And people wonder why they get stereotyped, sheesh.

Oh, and we saw this guy in a raft get attacked by a shark
Here he is before the attack

then the shark comes up next to his raft

then he starts trying to jump over and gets in the raft with the guy, yikes!

Actually his wife said the string broke on his kite so he went out and retrieved it when they saw it floating in the water. It did attract attention because he was really far away and you couldn't tell -without my camera on zoom -what the heck was going on. It was entertaining which is what we told her when we showed her the picture.
I got to spend the other day with Tricia who I haven't seen in forever. Hadn't realized how long it had been. I got to see Megan and her sweet baby Oliver. He let me hold him without crying, yay! He's so cute!!
We had coffee, ate hotdogs and doughnuts, went to Sam's and TJ Max, fun day!!

Surprise "Happy Birthday "for Chuck Sunday. Thanks for letting us have it there Mom and Dad!

Happy Birthday Chuck!

Need to make up for not posting yesterday when I have more time.


Create for the day: Taxes, u suck, I have been working on them since 7:30a.m. and yes I took a couple of breaks. We even had more taken out of our pay and still owe. How can it be? I guess I'll have to quit working so we won't owe.


Create for the day: I've been thinking about teaching again. I decided to go through my paperwork from classes I taught before. These are a couple of drawings I used for lessons.


Create for the day: something abstract and a photo that just caught my eye. I like sparkly.

Went to the Winter Park Art Festival today. Went at the wrong time. If I can't go on Friday I'm going to stick with very early Sunday morning from now on. It was already too crowded-just too much. Chuck doesn't deal with crowds any better than I do.
So remember the plan next year!
Nothing really drew me in except the metal guy who did the head with 2 camera eyes (old school cameras, brownies I think).
There was a ceramic artist who did small tiles and put them together in a large frame, all white, I liked that. And a photographer that had photos of where the blues started, liked that. There were a couple of painters. That's about it. Wish I'd taken some photos.


Create for the day: pictures from yesterday, yes that counts
Yesterday Jesse was supposed to come over but didn't. Tracy came over and we made an unplanned trip to Ikea. I've never gone to Ikea and stayed less than 30 minutes. Surprisingly it can be done. Since we were right next to the mall Tracy suggested going to Anthropologie. Love the store not so much the prices but it is eye candy all around. We talked to a sales person who told us they actually have artists who do all the displays and walls. I would like to be their artist. What a great job that would be.

the animal heads, a little hard to tell just look close, are paper

the dress is all paper


Create for the day: I started this last night. I keep saying portraits are what I want to do so are they really? And, if they are then why haven't I been doing them.
I decided to do a few to see if they are what I want to do. This is a beginning. It is far from finished I still have a lot of face work to do. I don't think I would want to work this small but I don't really know for sure. I'm going to try different sizes and see.
Corey and John

This is day 4 of not working. It has been frustrating because I feel like I need to be doing something work related. I called yesterday because I haven't heard from a Dr. yet. I know the lady thought I was crazy but I had bad dreams last week that I forgot to call in sick and when I eventually did they told me I was fired. This was before I went to the Dr. before I knew what was going to happen. But all she told me was I have to wait. Wait...wait....wondering what will happen.
Scripture comforts:
For this reason I say to you, do not be anxious for your life, as to what you shall eat, or what you shall drink; nor for your body, as to what you shall put on. Is not life more than food, and the body than clothing? Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they? And which of you
by being anxious can add a single cubit to his life's span? Matthew 6:25-27


Create for the day: colors and some homemade bread



homemade bread

ruby red

sparkly blue

deep red burgandy

who doesn't love a sparkly diamond button

Being off from work unexpected has me thinking and worrying a little so I go to scripture for help..
Be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


Create for the day: I have nothing. Still struggling with out of place. Did get to go to lunch with Chuck which was very nice. Had to go to the court house which is huge and crowded and took forever to find a place to park and did I say huge!!! They sent me to the wrong place but when I found the right place I had to wait but the lady was really nice and two of the cutest little 2 year old twins were all over the place. I needed to get a copy of a birth certificate too and would it be in the same building? No but it was 4 miles away in a not so nice area but I got it.
I don't know what happened after lunch with Chuck I was exhausted and came straight home and slept.
I will mail it first thing tomorrow Corey.
I found pictures on the computer I didn't know were there, lots of pictures. Here's a couple:

bad dog

see she knows shes not supposed to be there
Didn't post create yesterday. Didn't feel creative felt confused.
But today while doing some errands I will take my camera and find something creative to post.


Create for the day: Well we started working on the "guest" bedroom. Chuck put the bed together, moved the armoire, took the back out of it so the tv would fit inside instead of on top of it, much better. I wish I'd known he could do that I would have asked him to fix it for you Corey. It's starting to look better (but Stuart's not getting the lamp it looks nice in there=sorry Corey and Stuart).

I also made "almost no knead bread" which is really good and super easy.

That's all the creating for the day. Friday the Dr. gave me paperwork to go on "light duty" at work. I wonder what that means?
And in other news = Jesse broke her tailbone yesterday and is supposed to not work for a month but says she's going back Friday. I hope she listens to the Dr. and does what he says.


Create for the day: filling up art journal with pictures from 365 day creat

New book: planning on doing some of this

Rainy day at work

Doctor yesterday evening. He's sending me to an Orthopedic Surgeon, not looking forward to that.