Reading Get Out of That Pit by Beth Moore

..for the 2nd time and hopefully she wouldn't get mad at me putting this on my blog because I hope, like me, it might make some sort of difference to someone.

What if you woke up today from the autopilot of poor decisions.
What if before the bottom fell out, you would respond to a voice in the
wilderness saying, "Stop It!"
Isaiah 1:16 "Wash yourselves, make yourselves clean;
Remove the evil of your deeds from My sight.
Cease to do evil. 17-Learn to do good:
Seek justice...
and what if that One Voice- the Only One that matters - was willing to tell you how to stop.

That could happen. In fact, if we were willing to let it, it would happen. God in His tender mercy gives us plenty of warnings enabling us to avoid pits, but the problem with us pit jumpers we don't want to hear - we want what we want.

Motive is huge to God. So is character. Primarily His character, which we are created to emulate.

We cannot fool Him by hiding our inner motive. God looks intently Not only at what we've done but why and how.


2 Sundays

Last Sunday we went to Mom and Dad's for lunch, played cards and went for a bike ride. Then this weekend, work, work, work and now hurt.

today, knock down the fence, dig a hole, and fix it. So much fun and I'm sore all over.

yay for mac

As I learn this computer I'm really starting to like it!!!!!!!


as done as it will get for now

I want to be able to use this room so I kind of dumped some of the little stuff and haven't cleaned out drawers but will eventually. Right now I just want it to be usable and I can't wait to use my new desk with the built in light table.

Today I was off and there were lots of fun things I really wanted to do but the house has been so unloved it needed my time. But.. next time I have an extra day off I'm planning something fun!!!


so much to do so little time

trying to plan all the things I need to do, want to do, and trying to figure out how....


this is ?

Last year I had a kid on my bus, high school, snort crack or coke something illegal. I was told, by the school authorities, it was all supposition since my camera wasn't working. He'd been put on my bus because another lady driver was afraid of him. After it happened I made him sit up front where I could see him and occasionally talk to him. I tried to talk to him about staying in school and doing something with his life.
But as things go he dropped out of school and his girlfriend got pregnant. I saw him today walking down the street with his girlfriend and his baby boy. He walks out into the street waving his arms when he saw my bus coming. I said, "hi how are you? I heard you had a baby congratulations." He said, "thanks, yeah that's my kid." He smiles and says, "you can't make me sit up front anymore!" He laughs and walks away. I yell at him to "BE GOOD!" He waves. I thought this kid was an angry kid but he seemed to want to talk to me, so go figure.