Corey going to a wedding she looks so pretty.

 We went to the Winter Springs Art Show
Saturday.  I like it because it's small and
I was able to walk around the entire show.
I didn't know they had a memorial at the park.

This morning seemed like bird city in our back yard.

This was the only photo I got.  They were moving too fast.

Chuck wanted to see this photo from our Tenn. trip.
The watermelons were 300 lbs. each.  So how much 
did the pumpkin weigh?


Winter Park Autumn Art Festival

Chuck and I went to the art festival and met my 
brother there.  I took pictures of flowers instead of art.
I always feel like I'm not supposed to photograph the art.

 The rose garden was full of blooms.
This was one of my favorites.

Chuck took the next 5 photos.

 I really like the lighting in this 

I had to take a few sit stops.  The heat really gets to me.
This was the view looking up..

The only pic of any art and you can't really tell 
much about it.  It was a good show.  Not too crowded if
you got there early.  It was nice at first  but as
it got closer to noon the heat made me feel bad and had to leave.  

And, slippery elm tea update: Yuck!


More pictures from Tennessee.  Waiting in line
to cross the suspension bridge.

from the bridge

The leaves were just starting to change.
Jesse went there this past weekend and camped.
She said there was lots of color.
On another note, I just made some slippery elm tea.
I see why it's called slippery.  It's rather disgusting but
it's supposed to help with some of the pain killer
side effects.  We'll see if it works.



Last weekend we decided to take a trip to Tennessee.
Chuck was off a couple of days and we miss fall.  It
is my favorite time of year and it doesn't exist in Florida.
It was a wonderful trip and I didn't say anything about
it because I know how people worry when I do stuff.
We went to Cookeville a small town with cute shops.
 Chuck found some cups that match 2 others I have so
now I have a set of 5.  I will post photos later.

You can barely see the suspension bridge over the falls
and yes I went across it.  People can't read tho because 
it said only 6 people at a time.  That made me nervous when
a group of non-readers just started across when we were on it.
And when we were in line to go back over people were 
saying why aren't they just going -I said the sign said only
6 people at a time.  Wow, I can't believe these people vote.

It was really pretty.
The colors were just starting to change.

 You can rent these cabins on the lake.

This is George hole.  I think an old swimming hole.

The house on the previous post was outside the park
a little ways.  It was a nice trip we'll probably do again.
Chuck's dream house, home, acreage

I like it alot too.