Last weekend we decided to take a trip to Tennessee.
Chuck was off a couple of days and we miss fall.  It
is my favorite time of year and it doesn't exist in Florida.
It was a wonderful trip and I didn't say anything about
it because I know how people worry when I do stuff.
We went to Cookeville a small town with cute shops.
 Chuck found some cups that match 2 others I have so
now I have a set of 5.  I will post photos later.

You can barely see the suspension bridge over the falls
and yes I went across it.  People can't read tho because 
it said only 6 people at a time.  That made me nervous when
a group of non-readers just started across when we were on it.
And when we were in line to go back over people were 
saying why aren't they just going -I said the sign said only
6 people at a time.  Wow, I can't believe these people vote.

It was really pretty.
The colors were just starting to change.

 You can rent these cabins on the lake.

This is George hole.  I think an old swimming hole.

The house on the previous post was outside the park
a little ways.  It was a nice trip we'll probably do again.

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