St. Augustine trip

We decided to take a mini vacation to St. Augustine since I'm going back to work on the 10th. We usually try to make it up there about once a year but haven't the last couple of years. It's the wrong time of year to go, tooooo hot but we managed to figure out what to do and had a really nice relaxing trip. We walked around the touristy part of the city Wednesday night when we got there.
Thursday we went to the beach which was really nice.
We went to the Conch House restaurant for lunch/dinner. If you ever go to St. Augustine I highly recommend this restaurant and make sure and sit outside. The restaurant is on the water by the dock. Also order the conch fritters. Not something I would choose looking at a menu. I've never had conch and don't much care for fritters but these I could have made a meal of - absolutely delicious. Then we hit a couple of antique stores (I restrained and bought nothing)an old bookstore, and stopped lastly and bought a couple of yummy delicious homemade cupcakes, tiramasu and lemon. And believe it or not we went on a ghost tour that evening. Again, not something I would normally do but it was very interesting. A lot of history is included in the tour.
Yesterday we drove around and photographed the Presbyterian church, absolutely beautiful, and some of the old homes. Driving back we stopped at Marine Land, a place we took the kids when they were little. It's really changed alot kind of sad.
But the beach around it is really pretty. Nice trip.


the desert

Last night I was getting frustrated with trying to finish work for this show tomorrow and decided I wasn't going to do a good job with that attitude. So, I decided I would just do whatever I felt like. I felt like doing something fun and abstract. In the process it turned into a desert painting which brought back a lot of feelings from driving the truck. I was the night driver and occasionally I was lucky enough to start my shift when the sun was getting ready to set. In the desert the sky turns all shades of reds, pinks, blues, and then the mountains take on the colors of the sky. It is a beautiful sight. I hope I somewhat captured it.


almost finished

I finally finished the sky/lake picture. Not sure how I feel about it.

still working on the Jesse painting. Have to turn them in Wednesday for the show. aargh....panic...a little



beach, yay, movie - Sorcerer's Apprentice, really liked it yay!

my favorite boots and toy as a kid


great week

Monday with Tricia and Corey, coffee and tacos and shopping. Then Jesse and Chris came over and Corey stayed for dinner. I like when everybody comes over.
Tuesday cleaned house, yay. Wednesday finished painting Mom and Dad's porch. Thursday celebrated 52. Tracy came over we painted and went to Panera and it rained so extra coffee. When Chuck came home we rented a movie the Bounty Hunter, cute. Today we went out to eat at Chili's and were going to go to a movie but decided to save it for another day. Tomorrow beach day, yay! Sunday family to celebrate Dad's and my birthday, always fun.

two little pyros


yay, beach day with Chuck and Corey

It was the perfect day, not too hot, clouds but sunny too. The only thing the sea was really rough when we first got there but did start to calm down a little before we left.


A new painting

I decided to let go of everything I was taught about painting a sky and do it my way. I'm happy with the beginning.


oh and I forgot homemade french bread, yum


Friday is Yayfor day. Yayfor the little things that make us happy. Yayfor rainy days that keep us in and put us in the mood for homemade spaghetti sauce

yayfor rain that waters our plants so we don't have to

yayfor little dogs that love us whether we give them spaghetti sauce or not (but more if we do)

and yay for homegrown tomatoes even tho they are tiny