Our computer crashed and burned yesterday...bummer. I'm on Corey's right now so this will probably be my last post for awhile.
I've got 5 weeks of school - busdriving, left - very happy about that and looking forward to the last day!! The heat is already starting to get bad which totally zaps me. I'll get a week off ---and then (if we pass all the tests and stuff) start truck school, 3 weeks here, 3 - 6 weeks in Tennessee, then we'll be on our own. I'm actually starting to get a little excited about it. I've always liked going to and seeing new places.

Eric left Monday for bootcamp. It was harder for Jesse than she thought it would be.
It feels like one of our kids has left home. They already made him a leader of his group. We knew that would happen. We will miss him. Keep praying for him!

And I want to send out congratulations to Tricia and her family. They are expecting their 1st grandbaby. I know they are all very excited.




Lindsey, Kenny, Kaiden, Logan, Patsy, Gerard

href="">Jesse and Eric and Kaiden

href="">Mom, Dad, Stu, Trish and Chuck


I don't have much to say lately. I am trying caricatures again, this is Mr.Ed.
Spanky and Elsie make me smile.


I promise this is the last 4 awhile....

Accent: none, can tend to get rather southern at times
Chores I Hate: laundry, as soon as its done its full again
Dog or Cat: dogs
Essential Electronics: digital camera, computer
Favorite Cologne: none
Gold or Silver: don’t care, wear gold
Hometown: born in Jellico, Tenn., feel like here is hometown
Insomnia: only at night
Job Title(s): schoolbusdrivingartistwifemom
Kids: 2 adults not kids
Living Arrangements: Me, Chuck, Corey, Jesse, Elsie, Catalina, Spanky, Presto, and Jesse’s hermit crap, I mean crab
Most Admired Trait: dependable
Overnight Hospital Stays: 2
Phobia(s): spiders
Quote: It’s too early to think about this.
Religion: Follower of Christ
Siblings: 2 brothers and 1 sister, me oldest
Time(s) I wake up - today, 3:30
Unusual Talent/Skill: nothing unusual
Veggies I Refuse to eat: can’t think of any
Worst Habit: this, which I’m not going to do again 4 a while
Yummiest Food I Make: Chicken parmesan, chicken enchiladas, cinnamon bread.
Zodiac Sign: Are you kidding me? People still ask this? (thanx again, Tricia)
Now who to tag back? Hannah, Corey, Jesse
What do you do when you wake up at 3:30a.m., can't go back to sleep, and have to drive for the OCC (children's church) in the morning? I don't want to be exhausted.

What do you do when you are frustrated with someones (meaning more than one person) but can't talk to anyone.
I know pray but it's not relieving my frustrations. I will continue to give it to
God, over and over and over.

Believe it or not I am a happy person.