New Year, new goal, late start

I decided that after the sketchbook project I need goals to be inspired and to get things done. Tracy told me about the "365" day project. I'll link the title to the page. I decided to do Create for my 365 day project. I also decided to add a "word for the week" and a "color for the week". So my word for this week is Create, my color is yellow and my create thing for today is banana pudding, yum.
egg yolk yellow

banana pudding yellow



Chuck and I went to Perkins for breakfast yesterday and sitting behind me was a young couple with a new baby. I couldn't see them though I turned around to see the baby, cute!! Chuck whispers to me, "they're both texting, not looking or talking to each other. The whole time they were there I heard 1 word spoken, 1, ridiculous! I have seen this with parents going for walks with their kids, at parks with their kids, even at Disney and of course restaurants, either texting or talking on the cell phones. This is not being with or spending time with your kids. Put the phones away and look them in the eye and talk and play and enjoy them while you have the opportunity. And do the same if you're on a date with your spouse!
To me it's the new form of absentee parent.


Things I learned from doing the sketchbook project:

Sometimes you have to step out of your fear zone of people seeing your work. Chuck pointed out to me that I put my work on my blog so people are seeing it. But, it seems more out there when they can actually see it in person and for whatever reason that is disconcerting to me.

The more I do something the easier it gets. I guess that goes along the lines of practice to improve or in my case just freakin (‘scuse my french) DO something.

I didn’t really like colored pencils as a medium but they come in handy on thin paper and I actually liked some of the results. I also never thought of using them for a landscape, why not? I will probably use them more.

I never thought of doing a piece with pencil and paint but it worked, amazing. Now I’m thinking about trying something with colored pencil, pen, and paint, maybe.

I can get things done if I work really hard and don’t watch tv, that part really surprised me. I don’t think I was fully aware of how much time is spent watching tv.
I know it’s just part of the chillin after work thing but I like accomplishing something. I don’t think I will do it like I did this past week again. Basically I was just going to work then coming home to work and that was all I did for 4 days.

I have to be careful about posture while I’m working, if not, I end up with one heck of a worse than usual neck/back ache. (That last accident I was in kind of gave me a permanent neck/back ache – it’s just a matter of how bad does it hurt today.

and I really want to go back out west..


Last three pages and changes. Sooo glad to have it in the mail and done.


More sketchbook. I'm trying to get it finished.

1st time in LA. It was scary since it was right next to our truck.


sketchbook stuff
I figure I have 6 days left to work on it. 1st I thought ok 6 pages a day, then 5, then lets get real I'll be lucky if I get 1 done a day so- 3's my goal. Being sick really messed up my plans for getting anything done yesterday. Oh well, I'll do what I can.

1st time I saw a coyote.

unfinished page


I have been working on the sketchbook. I am using my mac so I can't download right now. I didn't work on it today but did discuss it with another artist, (Tracy) and got much needed input. I have to have it in the mail next Friday. It's getting near panic time.


Guess where I was yesterday? Obviously not working on my sketchbook.

Thank you Jesse for getting me into the park(s)!



I said I was going to post what I do for the sketchbook each day - helping me to get something done, all I had time for today was this.
These are drawings I did while in truck school to help me remember parts. I scanned and shrunk them to fit in the sketchbook. I am struggling with how much to put in and if I should write about it or just have sketches. I almost feel like I have to explain things kind of like a journal of the experience I guess. Something I should have done while on the road and I did a little but not enough.
These aren't much but they are something and that's better than nothing.

Not making any goals for the New Year 'till my goal of finishing the sketchbook is done!


one of my "to do" things done

I couldn't even see the floor in the closet.

I have come to the conclusion we have tooooooooooo much stuff and getting rid of some of it is a goal for the year!

ta da..I have a floor!

Mr. Bigglesworth is starting to get used to us.

Happy New Year and finally finished, Yay!!

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!
and Yay! I finally finished the cover of my sketchbook! Really I should be saying I finished the book. Can I get it done on time? I am going to post something I do everyday till it's done. We shall see.