Jesse's going away party

Jesse leaves for the Coast Guard next Monday so we had a going away party for her.

Chesa is so funny, read his shirt. I didn't notice it till I was looking at the pictures

Eric Chris Caley Jesse Chesa and Jese

Chuck and Corey

Semper Paratus always ready, I think is what it means.

I don't know why they hung the rubber duckys.

Jesse and Eric with silly string.

Jese P. and silly string

Me Corey jesse and Chuck

Me Chuck Corey Chris Jesse and Eric

Dad Trish Jesse and Mom

Eric and Jesse washing the dogs

Eric and Jesse

Steve and Chuck

Jesse Patsy

Jesse silly string



Just another everyday. On my break in the middle of the day. Eric's here and Jesse's at her recruiter's office. Corey called me last night to try and get me to put something in a show at Rollins. I don't really have anything I feel is up to date or finished. Maybe if I spent my online time painting or drawing I'd get something done. Yep


Last Saturday to today

I was really sick last weekend but Chuck drove to Miami and back for a fireworks company and picked up - you guessed it - fireworks. So, we got to go to a show and experience it up close and personal which was totally coooool.

Eric got home last Friday night and as you can see from the picture they are already competing.

Spring break ended and I had to go back to work. It was so sad to have been sick the whole time but better when I'm off than working.

Yesterday I went to IKEA with Corey and Jesse and actually bought stuff. The lines were surprisingly not bad. I got a rug, lazy susan, a light for the kitchen, and jars. Great stuff, great prices.

Here's your picture Corey.

competing services

fireworks fun