very slowly catching up

Tired I am. Long days at Disney. Training is long and much to remember. Interesting people, strange people, people who are sadly without God or a real reason to exsist. I sound very down. I'm really not. Some of the training has actually been fun. Some of the people are fun to be around. The landscaping out there is really pretty. Lots of wildlife. I mean actual animals.
Jesse got back to CA safe. I miss her already.
Corey's going to get her wedding dress altered tomorrow.
The picture; fun in the sun with my hon.


Slowly catching up

I've got a lot of catching up to do. Jesse got home last week so we've been busy. I'm training at work so I've been really busy with that also. Busy, busy, busy...
The 1st day she got here she decided the dog needed a makeover and painted her nails.
The dog was just so happy to have Jesse home - she very patiently let her do it.
I'm sorry I was going to post more but I'm tired maybe later this evening.


Dear Moms;

We decided to get a family portrait while Jesse's home. Let me know how many copies you would like.


Usually don't post 2 times in one day but...

One of the advantages to living in Florida getting to see and hear the space shuttle launch from your front door.

Corey and Christopher are celebrating 6 months together today. He brought her flowers. I like to take pictures of flowers. Fun for everybody.

work day

Yesterday was orientation at my new job. It was, to say the least, interesting.
I got there 1/2 an hour early and the line was already down the hall waiting to get checked in. Then the nazi lady started down the line. "Sir, tuck your shirt in, all men must have their shirts tucked in. Excuse me sir, your sideburns are unacceptable, do you want to come back another day? Or I can give you a razor and you can shave them now. Mam, could you step out of the line? You can't wear open shoes, strappy sandals, do you have any other shoes with you? In your car? No? Then you'll have to come back another day." Wooooo, strict. Lucky for strappy sandal lady I had another pair of shoes in my car and loaned them to her. It's a long drive out there.
When we got in the room for orientation. I sat at a table with one other person. I was looking for the 2 ladies I'd met earlier and while doing so 3 men sat down at the table so I was the only woman, uncomfortable, at first.
I can tell you a lot about them but I'll make it brief. I always try to make whatever time I have as interesting as possible. Let's see - one just finished school and picked up and moved down here because he's always wanted to work at DW. He plays sax and sings and he was very sweet and very pretty. The other kid was only 18 and 1/2 way thru chef school and going to work as one now, very focused, wish I'd been more like that when I was young. One of the men is a teacher of ESE kids. I give him credit, or hats off to him, or whatever you say, it has to be an extremely hard job plus he has 4 kids of his own. Last but not least the oldest man does voice commercials for the Republican National Committee and loves to smoke and apparently nap. Interesting group.
It was a long day and at the end we were sent with someone from the area we will be working in (bus driver). We were given a map to go get our uniforms. Some of those bus drivers may have a hard time since they got lost trying to find the place. I will just be doing a lot of praying. (No, I didn't get lost but saying they did makes me feel guilty and I don't want to mess up because I said something about someone else)
That's all I have to say for now..... oh but here's a picture of Corey's ring and they set the date for November 10th. Excited mommy!!!



Sunday I got to see my Aunt, Uncle, Cousins and Julie's daughter who I haven't seen in a long time. It was really nice. What is my cousin's daughter Taylor to me? I always get confused when it goes to 2nd's and 3rd's.
Playing pool. Whitney, Aunt Sue and Taylor, and you can see Stu and mom and Julie with the pretty red hair in one pic.

Mom and Sue. Julie, Taylor and Trish. Mom, Sue and Whitney in the bottom pic

Taylor and Uncle Ray


Christopher asked...

Christopher asked Corey Friday night and she said yes...
I will have 2 married daughters in November!