Artist's block

I've been having problems journaling and doing art so I combined my problem and started making backgrounds for my journal.


more 50 and ..

My brother sent me more pictures from my birthday. He got me this cute little gun that shoots confetti. Fun!!

Yesterday I didn't feel good and by evening was getting antsy or what's it called when you've been stuck in the house too long? So we went for a ride in the camaro and took Renny. He loves riding in the car. Today I feel like I have a cold or something?


just trying to get done before I go back to work

We got carpet in the art room and xtra bedroom, yeah it's done but it smells.
I had to take everything out of the rooms except the big stuff. 12 years of stuff is a lot. Thankfully Jesse came over last night and helped me move it all back in. Now it's time to organize and go thru everything..this may take awhile.


Typical Tuesday

Hey another Tuesday of bowling. I have decided I suck at it but enjoy it anyway like card games. I do have a sore arm from all the spackling, sanding, painting, etc. but no excuses please. I only get to do this 3 more Tuesdays before school starts,boo.
I'll be glad when I get my room finished it seems like it's taking forever. I will post photos when done = if it ever happens. OOhh I found pictures of a peice of furniture similar to one I got for free. It's painted white just like I wanted to do only it doesn't have the china cabinet top and was turned into a bathroom vanity. How creative is that? I love it!! Ideas are spinning!




Family birthday party

My 50th and Dad's 75th wow we're hitting some real milestones.
Jesse and Stuart did the decorating. Mom and Stuart (grilling) did the cooking. We had the traditional birthday hugemongus and delicious T-Bone steaks and Jesse made me a german chocolate cake, yummy.
Poor Corey couldn't come 'cause she's in school right now - really why on Sunday do they have school? But it was a nice day!!! Thanks everybody for your hard work.



Yes this is an ugly picture showing you what I spent my time doing on Friday. I did the thing I have been trying not to do - starting more than one project at a time. Before I finished the art room I started ripping down wallpaper in the hall. I thought being a small space it wouldn't take much time. Wrong. It took several hours and I ran out of spackle and haven't had time to get more so now the hall has no closet door and looks really ewww. So Monday the plan is to get the hall finished because today is our family day to celebrate my Dad and my birthday. I still don't know what to give my dad. I really cut it down to the wire. Maybe I'll figure it out before I get there. Oh I did finish painting the art room, or studio, or whatever it's going to be called.

Chuck and I went to see the new batman movie Saturday. The Dark Knight. He thought it was one of the better ones. I thought it was over at one point but it continued. That actually happened twice. It was good just long.


it's that age thing

I forgot to take pictures when Chuck took me and Jesse to Colorado Fondue for my birthday dinner Sunday night. I wish I had. It's in a strip mall but has a really interesting decor, is very nice, and has really good food. It's fun to cook on the hot rocks and the dessert fondue..yummy! Thanks Chuck!
And I forgot to take pictures of breakfast yesterday. Corey brought me Panera Bread breakfast. She's so sweet. It was a nice surprise. It was the birthday breakfast tradition.
Yesterday afternoon I helped her take her horse back to the Humane Society unfortunately. He was just too big for an apartment and for her too. He hurt her several times just because of his hugeness not meanness. But Christopher only agreed if they could take Elsie. I love Elsie but she was becoming too much for me. Now I'll still get to see her and know she has a really good home. So I'm happy, happy, happy!!


A golden oldie

That's me - officially - I turned 50 yesterday. So I updated my blog profile picture to show then and now. I tried to blog yesterday but my server was down. I spent the day doing what I wanted, bowling with Mom and Jesse and shopping at IKEA.

I went bowling with mom and a couple of other ladies. This is Carol. She's trying to go incognito because she's a celebrity.

This is Jan.

Mom she won all the money yesterday.

Jesse joined us yesterday too but erased the picture I took of her so here's one of her from the day before when she punked Rennie for me.


Thursday, Friday, fun

Today I had a fun day with Tricia, her girls and her grandbaby. She's helping me to get back into creating.

Addison trying on my glasses.

She saw the camera coming and thought it was going to flash.

Having fun eating with her Me Me, or Mom, or I don't think she's decided for sure what she's going to call Tricia yet.

Yesterday I had a fun day with Tracy going to Home Depot, Panera, Lucas Nursery and Michaels.


summer days

I'm supposed to cut the grass today but I just really don't want to. Yesterday morning I found this moth on the porch.

I don't know how these flowers keep coming back year after year. They're in a pot with almost no soil and if I leave a pot next to them, empty, it will have them too.


4th of July fun

Elsie doesn't really connect with anyone in particular but she really liked Dad.

We celebrated the 4th on the 3rd and 4th since Christopher and Rob had to work.

And they asked me why I got these glow stick necklaces and bracelets.

Corey actually has these thru her ears...ew