not the best picture of Jesse's ring but it will do. It has 5 stones and it's
white gold.

Well....BIG news....
Jesse and Eric are engaged, since last Thursday.
They haven't set a date yet.
Chuck and I are very happy.

After I post a picture of her ring I'm going to be taking
an internet break for a week. I just want to see how much
more I get accomplished without getting on line. I plan on
trying to paint in place of internetting..
We'll see how it goes.


I am so frustrated with the middle school kids. I got so mad this morning I told one of them to shut up. Believe it or not, they can say just about anything, and believe me I've heard everything - but I'm not allowed to say shut-up.


We went over to Cocoa today and walked around the historic part and a park next to the water. It was a really nice day to drive over with the top down.

We took a picture of this really old building but in the next one tell me what you see

what does that look like to you?

Now tell me this doesn't look like snow...it was that really cold day last week.


That's what it was this morning at 5:50.
Ice on the cars, ice on the bus, ice on the ground - looked like snow.
It took 20 minutes for the heat to warm up.


new picture I'm working on..
letting off steam
I don't normally like to write what happens on the bus but sometimes I need to let off steam.
Yesterday I got to a stop right on time (instead of a couple of minutes later) so kids were running to the bus. One girl, almost to the bus, throws up in the cross walk and when she gets to the door - 2 more times. I felt so bad for her. I pulled over and called her dad and had him pick her up. This started a dull roar on the bus that got worse after I picked up the next load from a different direction. They don't like change... After loading and starting toward school - bidding started on a bag of skittles that someone had, one of those tiny little bags. The kid was selling them for a buck a bag. I told them to stop because they were yelling and standing up but they wouldn't listen. Let me tell you a bad mix - PMS and bus of uncontrollable kids... So anyhoo, when I got to school I kept several of them on the bus to yell, not exactly, but very loudly and angrily tell them I'd had enough. I scared the beejeebus out of them. I know this because in the afternoon not a word was heard from the 5 who are constantly breaking all rules in a very loud way. Getting off the bus one says, "you didn't have to say anything to me, I was good right?" Another says, "do I get a referral, I didn't get up or yell, its ok to talk quiet, right?" Like I said scared them good and yet one says, "Will you be our driver next year, can we ask for you, I don't want another driver." Go figure..?


Four jobs I've had:
1. Character at Disney. (Dopey, Lulabell, Robin Hood, and a few more)
2. Waitress/hostess 2 days tops, yuk
3. Illustrated a Math and a Phonics book K/5.
4. School bus driver.
Four movies I can watch over and over:
1. Narnia
2. Lord of the Rings, all of them
3. I know this is bad, but I really liked the 1st Harry Potter
4. You've Got Mail
FOur Places I've Lived;
1. Houston, Texas
2. Anchorage, Alaska
3. Myrtle Beach, SC
4. Idaho Falls, Idaho (mormon city)
2. Four tv shows I love (I do not love anything on tv but I watch):
2. Lost
3. yes, Survivor
4. Gimore Girls...but less since Rory started sleeping around
Four Places I've Vacationed:
1. Ashville, NC
2. Black Mountain, NC
3. Sanibel Island, FL
4. St. Augustine, FL
Four of my favorite dishes.
1. Anything from the Columbia Restaurant in St. Augustine
2. Bloomin Onion from Outback
3. Broccoli cheese soup at Panera Bread
4. My chicken enchiladas
Four sites I visit daily:
1. about 20 different blogs!
2. Home and Garden TV, to win the house at Lake Lure where we spent our honeymoon and went back for our 23rd anniversary
3. email, yahoo and earthlink
4. Our Daily Bread
Four places I'd rather be right now:
1. Colorado
2. N.C.
3. Grand Canyon
4. I happen to be happy to be at home today.
Four bloggers I'm tagging:
1. Tracy
2. Hannah
3. Corey
4. Jesse


You Are 30% Weird

Not enough to scare other people...
But sometimes you scare yourself.
We went to the Mt. Dora art festival this morning - in the rain and wind.
It was worth it. I really like Mr. Dora. The thing that surprised me was
all the watercolor artists and how amazingly talented they are. The artist
I really want to buy something from is the one who does Jewish artifacts as art,
gorgeous. I also want another piece from the photographer who does cemetery photos.
Chuck took the 1st picture. He wants to be in shows and do photography.


something new I'm trying
u know me and pics, just gotta have them

I had to put this on my blog - from Daily Bread. How many of us do this?

February 3, 2006
"I Dare You!"
Psalm 119:41-48
I have hoped in Your ordinances. So shall I keep Your law continually.
—Psalm 119:43-44

I heard a story about a small church that was having a reunion. A former member who attended the celebration had become a millionaire. When he testified about how God had blessed him over the years, he related an incident from his childhood.

He said that when he earned his first dollar as a boy, he decided to keep it for the rest of his life. But then a guest missionary preached about the urgent need on the mission field. He struggled about giving his dollar. "The Lord won, however," the man said. Then, with a sense of pride he added, "I put my treasured dollar in the offering basket. And I am convinced that the reason God has blessed me so much is that when I was a little boy I gave Him everything I possessed." The congregation was awestruck by the testimony—until a little old lady in front piped up, "I dare you to do it again!"

There's a vital truth behind that story: Past attainments are not a measure of present spiritual maturity. Psalm 119:44 says, "So shall I keep Your law continually." The psalmist knew he needed to keep his commitment fresh every day.

As Christians, we cannot rest on past victories. We must give the Lord our full devotion now. Then no one will need to challenge us, "I dare you to do it again!" —Dave Egner

Today Christ calls,
"Come, follow Me!
Look not to yesterday;
Fresh grace you'll need to do My will—
Just trust Me and obey." —D. De Haan

Use the past as a springboard, not as a sofa.