Jesse and Jese working on the "welcome to college" poster for Sunday School tomorrow.

Everyday at work I pass by this old cemetary in Oviedo. I wanted to photograph it earlier in the morning because it always has fog and just looks... yeah photographic.
I wanted to take Jese P. 'cause she's very artsy and I want to get her inspired to do some work. Well, we went to see Brothers Grimm last night at 10:30 so I didn't get to bed 'till 2:00ish and well you can guess I just didn't get up early enough.
And getting Jese out of bed is near impossible. We went anyway, though it was too late for the atmosphere I was wanting, next weekend - maybe.

Civil war confederate veteran.

Really cool light effect - Jese took this one.



a post without pictures, boring but...

I've been putting this off but it's time..
The job.
Well, it's 10 minutes away from the house, I have a 4 hour break
in the middle of the day (except Wed. 3 hours), the kids are so many more than I had at the last job, three schools am and pm, I'm very happy with the runs I got - all in my neighborhood or a couple of miles away. The heat is killing me though. I thought I would be able to get so much done in between but I'm so exhausted I get
almost nothing done and after work I have to sleep. A couple of times I've felt sick from the heat - I am so looking forward to cooler weather.
I have some kids that are giving me grief but nothing near my last experience.
The paperwork is the other surprise. I've spent probably a couple of hours a night
on that. But the good thing is once it's done I don't have to do it again until October.
Everyone I've met at work is very nice, a lot of Christians. I don't think you can
really do this job without help from God. I have much respect for these people.

And a nice serendipity, Corey wanted to drive the car for the first time tonight.
So - we went with the top down. I love it. I could see the sky all around. I wish
I'd had my camera, it was so nice. Corey and Jesse want to claim it but they don't get it. It's mine!
That's all bedtime, 4:50 comes too early!


I always have to put sky pictures because I just do...

The beginning of Jesse, Mom and Patsy's birthday pictures. This is Cameron


Jese, Leah, and Eric

Eric, Leah, Jesse, and Cam
Lots of birthday pictures. It was actually mom's birthday and the day after Chuck's mom's birthday and 4 days after Jesse's birthday - that's a lot really close together.
Mom and Jesse

Patsy, Chuck and Gerard

Chuck and his mom
more pictures from Jesse's birthday
these are out of order - Jesse was kissing Jese because
she had the blue frosting lips from the bottom picture

Trip to Melbourne, storm pictures and after