a post without pictures, boring but...

I've been putting this off but it's time..
The job.
Well, it's 10 minutes away from the house, I have a 4 hour break
in the middle of the day (except Wed. 3 hours), the kids are so many more than I had at the last job, three schools am and pm, I'm very happy with the runs I got - all in my neighborhood or a couple of miles away. The heat is killing me though. I thought I would be able to get so much done in between but I'm so exhausted I get
almost nothing done and after work I have to sleep. A couple of times I've felt sick from the heat - I am so looking forward to cooler weather.
I have some kids that are giving me grief but nothing near my last experience.
The paperwork is the other surprise. I've spent probably a couple of hours a night
on that. But the good thing is once it's done I don't have to do it again until October.
Everyone I've met at work is very nice, a lot of Christians. I don't think you can
really do this job without help from God. I have much respect for these people.

And a nice serendipity, Corey wanted to drive the car for the first time tonight.
So - we went with the top down. I love it. I could see the sky all around. I wish
I'd had my camera, it was so nice. Corey and Jesse want to claim it but they don't get it. It's mine!
That's all bedtime, 4:50 comes too early!

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