beach day

This past week was very tiring so Chuck thought I needed a beach trip, yay!

Not too crowded when we got there pretty crowded when we left

I'd like to vacation in a house like this

where I was sitting taking the pictures below

my zoom's not too bad


digging up the past

I've been trying to find some old photos to use in my logo and found these.senior picture and prom
(I made my dress)


me Dad Mom Terry




Seven Sisters and "the hawk"

I've been wanting to take Jesse to
Seven Sisters because I like it so much.
Today we got to go Yay!
Jesse never lets me take pictures of her but I got Bobby.I snuck this one, brat!
When we came home we saw a bird walking across the yard and went to the side of the house to see what it was.

He flew down and got a lizard on the window of the house next
door - wish I could have gotten that picture or video.
Here he is with his prize.

Getting close to being ready for next week

Did my in-service, required by DOT. Made most of my phone calls, should have dialed *67, because some have called me back and I only have a cell phone. I think I may actually use up my minutes this month. Will finish my calls today, after Seven Sisters. All that's left is move, clean, organize all paperwork, hunt down my manager for more time, and seating chart for elementary school. Well, I thought I was almost done.


working tomorrow..long day ahead...bleh
off the rest of the week sort of. Have to clean and move bus
Thursday or Friday, not sure. Have to make like 200 phone calls by
Wed or Thursday, that is my most unfavorite thing to do!


Studio name

I've been working on coming up with a name for my studio and a
design to use for a business card and Etsy shop. What do you think?



Last night Corey and Christopher
came over for dinner. Renny loves Corey. Today we went and drove one of these.
Very cute and bigger than I thought it
would be since hamsters drive it in the commercials.
And we tried a new produce place in Lake Mary.
They have locally grown, organic, not expensive nice produce.
Too bad they're so far away but if we're in the area.


Nothing like the beach...ahhhh

On the wayI love the ocean it's very calming

the car that gets us there
The one who drives me I took these with my little camera I've had for several years.
Unfortunately it will not longer zoom, bummer.


out the window

I was working in my "studio" and looked out the window to
see this.
Yes, that is Jesse, laying under her Jeep, on the street
tightening up all the loose things
that were leaking transmission fluid. It seems to have
worked. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
This is the ever faithful doggie Millie who loves Jesse
and waits for her whenever she is outside.


Happy Birthday Mom!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!
Love you!!!

Sunday and Thursday

Sunday we had Mom, Patsy, and Jesses' birthday
celebration here. Heidi brought Lindsey's kids with
her. They are so cute. This is Saida. And Kaiden. I hope I'm spelling their names

And Heidi's son Austin was here for a visit too (with Jesse).

Yesterday I got to go to Seven Sisters with Tricia. Yummy coffee
and really yummy apricot almond bar.


And Megan joined us. Very nice day!