talk about hairstyles

Renny the Irish punk dog and Yosey who just got fixed and doesn't feel so good.



Had to add this page from the scrapbook with the lovely 70's style hair.



I'm working on a scrapbook for my mom and dad's 50th anniversary. It's taking a lot longer than I thought it would but I'm enjoying it - it is art after all.



Yesterday Chuck took me to Ikea. Ok so I know that's no big deal to a lot of people. I've wanted to go to one for a long time. I'd heard so much about them (Tricia). Seen so many of them when we were out west and up north but in the truck parking can be a problem and they aren't usually open 3 in the morning.
I could not believe the place. It's unreal in size, crowds, no where to park, and great stuff. Great stuff with really goooood prices. I bought nothing because of the lines at checkout. I'm debating on going back or ordering. We shall see.


Finally working

It's slow getting started painting, drawing, doing any kind of art. Here's a new one I'm starting. The desert somewhere we went in the truck. This is smaller. I think I like the size.


The day that almost wasn't...

I always want to go to the Mt. Dora art show if I can. Partly because of Mt. Dora maybe mostly... Since I've been sick I really didn't know for sure if I would make it. I got up fairly early and thought I felt up to it but by the time we were almost ready to go I just kind of melted onto the bed. Chuck told me we could just drive there and see if I felt up to walking around, leave if I didn't, or stay as long as I felt like it. I'm sooooo glad he talked me into it. I saw stuff that truly inspired me. I'll put the addresses of a couple here;

and pictures!
Pretty much sums it up

For all ye Irish

I think they love their police. Actually there were hearts all over the place Valentine's Day is on the way.

I think this is the main street downtown

Thursday, Corey, Jesse and I went to Whole Foods. Trying to eat healthier you know. Jesse bought pretty tulips.

I got this at Target for a $1 but when I opened it the L was missing. So I made one. Can you tell?


I hate being sick..

I think it started last Sunday. Didn't feel good all day but when Corey and Christopher came over and we were sitting down eating I started seeing weird lines and tunnel vision and felt like I was going to pass out. Corey told me I would get a bad headache. Yep, but not till Wednesday. Felt like it was going to explode. Friday at 2 am woke up nauseaus, stomach cramps, headache, sore throat, neck pain, generally hurt all over. I called in sick for the first time with this job. I only got up 2 times Friday for about an hour each. I haven't felt like this in years. Today I actually got up in the morning for a bit, then slept for a lot, got up again actually got some stuff done but now feeling wiped out again. Why am I blogging this? I dunno...
I guess 'cause I'm upset - I missed a class I was really looking forward to attending. Tracy's teaching a journaling class at church. I know it went well. I wish I could have been there.