Create for the day: One of the photos I used for
my painting.

He is with me and you.


tuesday not monday

Create for the day: Simple practice watercolor landscape

Easter Sunday at Chuck's mom's
All of the riders in the car on the way there, me
little dog
Create for the day: homegrown tomatoes
Saturdays farmer's market trip
Create for Sunday: Easter cupcakes
and Easter bread
Wish you could have been here Corey and John!


Actually Saturday

Create for the day: I took bird pictures and played with them.

I didn't do anything with the woodpecker photos - yet.

Bone scan today, yay fun.
Create for the day: Playing with photoshop.
Went back to work yesterday and had physical therapy
that is a lot for one day. I've been doing that or a Dr. appt.
most everyday except weekends. Though I do have a Dr.'s appt.
this Saturday. I find it strange they're open on the Saturday before Easter.
And work wise I feel like a meanie, sort of. When I
went back to work yesterday I found out my babies (elementary
school kids) had to have administration come and get them
under control for the driver. Oooo, I made them ride all the
way to school in complete silence and they were so good. I
don't understand why other drivers have problems. I guess
kids know who they can misbehave with and who they can't.


Create for the day: I was thinking little girls and princesses
and do something just for fun and so I did.
Not finished but that's ok it's just for fun anyway.

Today to the Dr. I don't know what I will find out. I'm praying
nothing serious. I still have more tests so probably
he won't really know anything yet.
And I am supposed to go back to work this afternoon.
We will see what happens.


Create for the day: A clean space to be able to do create for the day.
My nice clean desk - yay!

my colored pencils and pens - ready

Unfortunately the rest of the room still needs serious fixing
but work first and do one section at a time

I think I need to redo my inspiration wall too.
It's looking a little too cluttered

And my ring I thought I lost I found-so happy about that!
Physical therapy today. Hope it goes better that last time.


Create for the day: the idea for the tattoo. It was funny watching them trying to figure out how to put it together.
Bye CoCo praying for a safe trip. Love You!!!

I wish I could have taken a clear photo but he wouldn't stop moving.


Spent yesterday with the girls. Went to Ikea, yay! Create for today: going to bake bread to take to Mom and Dad's this afternoon.

Still wondering what's going to happen. Maybe the waiting is the best time because you don't know yet and everything, except for the wait and all the Dr. visits, still seems normal, sort of.


Corey and Jill wanted to get matching tattoos. I suggested doing one that when they put them side by side it made something representing their friendship and they did.

It's 3:43 a.m. and I can't sleep right now had to take something for pain and have to sit up it's stuck.
Corey's home, yay!!!
She wants to go to Ikea tomorrow.


Create for the day: Mom's pretty flowers.

Starting a puppy portrait of Elsie.

missed work this afternoon too much pain


Create for the day: Between Dr.'s visits, manager's meetings, and trying to work and do home stuff - I have no time. So I took a painting and played with it on photoshop. Las Cruses. Tonight I can barely move = I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to work like this.


Create for the day: Learning how to write on the tablet, very awkward, like signing the credit card thing at a store. It looks better with a typed font.

Friday I went to physical therapy and then I went to Mom and Dad's to talk to them. While there Mom asked how I liked what they'd done to the house next door because it was picked to be redone on one of the A&E channel yard shows. I'd seen the work in progress but not finished. I thought I would just post the pics and let you decide. They changed all the exterior paint and then did the yard. I wish I had a before picture. They didn't have a yard, per say, just rocks and plants. I would have let them do my yard just to get the pavers in the driveway. But the house colors - I don't know....