Create for the day: We went to the beach so I took pictures as always. I haven't been out of the house for 2 days cause I can't drive on these meds so it was nice to get out.
On the drive there we drive by this dump that has mountains, literally, of garbage. On top of one of the hills Chuck saw this vehicle. We stopped and took pictures so we could zoom in and see what it was, a 50 something fire truck - really amazing in this good of shape yet its thrown away an antique like this - so sad.

A smart car parade

there were dolphin everywhere today. I've never seen so many at the beach.

this seagull was dancing

and this one was sleeping

Tomorrow I think Chuck wants to go to the gay softball game. We'll see.


Corey said...

Im jealous, Its still too cold for a beach day here... :( John

Vickie said...

It's still too cold to get in the water here