I haven't posted in a couple of days because I worked Wed. and work messed up my back, neck, shoulder worse than before making me not feel up to creating anything. I called in yesterday and today to try the medicine I can't drive with. I don't like medicine (DRUGS). Hopefully I'll feel like creating soon.

Chuck's mom sent this to me and I thought I would share it because it is good and true.

The Hot Dog Stand

There was a man who owned a hot dog stand. In fact it was a famous hot dog stand. He sold tens of thousands of hot dogs every year. Although this man had little or no formal education, he was very successful.

One day his son came home to visit. Unlike his father, the son was highly educated. He had a college degree from a great university. The son told his father that the economy was bad and times were hard. People were loosing their jobs all over the country. But the father could not relate to what his son was talking about. The hot dog business was doing great!! Sales were exceptional and profits were higher than ever before!

But the father began to think about what his son had said about the economy. After all, his son had a college degree! The father wanted to know more.

So the father talked to his son about the state of the economy. "What should I do"?, the father asked of his son with the college degree. "Dad, you need to improve your business", said the son. The dad asked "how"?. The son replied "Well, you do not need to sell such high quality meat. A cheaper made hot dog will do just as well." His dad thought for a moment and he told himself his son was educated. His son had a college degree. His dad realized that he could make even more money than he was making now! He decided to follow his son's advice.

Soon the son returned to the city and his job, and the father went about selling his famous hot dogs. At first, the hot dog business was as good as it had always been. The father did not even notice the small trickle of customers that began to disappear. The customers could tell the meat was not the usual quality they had come to know and appreciate. They just didn't taste as good.

The dad even called is son and surprised him with the good news that business was even better!! The father congratulated the son on his wisdom. After all, he was making even more money than he had before!! "Well," his son said, "there is more you can do to help yourself and protect your business, dad." The son explained that the expensive relish and high quality cheese could easily be replaced with lower cost items. Customers did not need the high quality, expensive condiments for their hot dogs.

The father thought about this. My son has a college education and is so smart. Certainly he must be correct.

So the next week the father changed his order and got rid of the all the high quality, high cost condiments. He was so happy that his business would now yield an even greater profit!!

About two weeks later the hot dog stand owner noticed that the lunch crowd was a little thinner than usual. Well, he thought, folks are just busy doing things today. By the following week, though, he was worried. The lunch crowd was growing smaller by the day.

The father began to see what the son had talked about. The economy really was bad.

He called and told his son. The son replied "Dad, this is what I have been trying to tell you. Times are hard and business is bad. We see it here in the city everyday." The dad hung up the phone. Hung his head. He thought in his mind how smart his son was with his college education. The father lamented "why didn't I see this coming"?

A few weeks later the father now tired and defeated, closed his hot dog stand. The economy was just too bad to make it.

Friends, today we are told repeatedly that things are bad. Yet nothing today can take the place of hard work and good quality products and services. This simple truth has never changed.

It is our Christian heritage that has made this country great.
It is the truths of the Christian heritage that will sustain America .

God is our only hope. Not man's wisdom, but the wisdom of the Father!!

The Bible says in Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end."

Lets all remember who is in charge. He has a plan for you. He has a plan for all of us. The Creator of the universe can handle your problems. But you must give them to Him and you must follow His Word. The One who walked on water, parted the red sea, calmed the storm, open the blinded eyes, made the lame to walk again, and spoke the universe into existence has a plan for you and for me.

Pastor Ray

Thought for the Week
God is for you, but....
are you for God?

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