Beach trip

Jesse's last day home was a beach trip.
She doesn't have a beach in Colorado and
she misses it.  We left early and got there
around 8:30.  There were so many dolphin and the water was
glassy and flat at first.  

 He played dead at first but I made
him mad getting too close.

The surf picked up when Jesse took the boogie board out.  

 Very nice day.  Then we went to the airport and Jesse's
back home.  We already miss you!


Happy Birthday Everybody...Literally

We celebrated Chuck's Mom - Patsy's 80th,
my Mom's 75th, and Jesse's and Me too - all of our birthdays.

I made banners for all but mine.

 Patsy and Frank

 James and Corey

Patsy, Frank and Chuck

 James and Mini Onion

Mom the pool shark

 Jesse, Mom, Trish, Corey, Me and Patsy

Jesse, Chuck, Me, Corey and Minion, Frank and Patsy

Jesse, Stuart, Mom, Trish, Me and Corey and minion

Jesse, Me, Trish, Mom, Corey minion and James

We had birthday roses -that Patsy was supposed to take
home but I forgot to give them to her - and her orchid.  
 We had red roses, and pink roses, and yellow daisies.

 We had way too much dessert; red velvet cupcakes,
vanilla cake with vanilla frosting, James made a homemade delicious
blueberry pie, pecan pie, banana pudding, and little lemon cakes.

 My cake

 lots of purple streamers
It was a very nice day but we did miss Dad terribly!

Today we had this visitor when Jesse cut the grass.

and this baby lizard by her shoe 
Jesse goes home tomorrow.  I will miss her much!