More Christmas pictures



Christopher, Renny, and Jesse

Dad and Eric

Dad and Jesse

Trish and Dad

Chuck and me. Stuart and I are always dueling cameras.

Corey and Christopher sleepy babies.

Everybody serious about opening their gifts. Chuck's mom in red.


Merry Day After Christmas!!

Because I was way too busy to post the past few days here's pics from Christmas morning at home and then over at Stuart's. I don't have good pictures of mom, Stu and Trish cause I started playing with Stuart's camera and they're all on his memory card.

Jesse and Eric

Jesse and Eric. We are so glad he came home for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

Jesse and Eric Yosey Renny and LC trying to get in on the action.

Corey and Charli

Patsy and Dad, time to eat!

Mom and Dad

Corey and Christopher

Charli and Corey

Eric and Jesse

Corey and Mom on the floor opening gifts, they get serious about it!

Jesse, Christopher and his hot sauce, and Corey.

Christopher and Charli

Rear shot of Charli in santa suit, cute!

and Renny's behind in the Santa Suit. He's started sitting like Elsie, weird.



I have to say I feel like Christmas has already been here for me - gift wise. I could not believe all the gifts I received from the children and parents from my bus and even from other drivers. The vase in the background is actually from Japan. One of the driver's (Greg, Hi Greg!) wives gave it to me, surprise! I forgot to put the basket of fresh oranges from them in the picture too.
But the most memorable for me is the card from several of the elementary kids stating, "to the best bus driver ever". I feel very blessed.


Christmas Musician's Concert

Last nights musicians concert at church was one of the best! Corey played 2 pieces each one that Hannah had played in previous Christmas Concerts. That made me cry. I wondered how it affected her. We all miss Hannah very much. Corey played beautifully! I'm so proud when I watch her use her God given talent and do it so well. Unfortunately, I haven't learned how to use the video on my camera yet...I've had it a year what's the problem. The video of Corey is short so you don't get to hear much of her playing but you see her talent. The other video is a group at our church I haven't heard before. They were awesome.


Jingle bells..

Yeah! All of the big things are done for now. Wedding, Thanksgiving at our house, and the much dreaded garage sale. We almost didn't do the sale yesterday because we were both sick Friday night ..all Friday night.. but thankfully we decided to do it and get it over with. Hopefully that was my last.
My next big project (after Christmas shopping) get the xtra bedroom (now dump,junk room) turned into my art and craft room (studio, sounds better).
Some pictures: our tree, never ever have we been able to get a real tree that wasn't crooked or leaning but I like it anyway.

Where can I get these cups for a reasonable price? I had them as a kid and would like to have a couple or four. Wish I could find exactly what I had as a kid much nicer than what I've seen now.

After Chuck's company Christmas dinner we had Jesse take pictures, while making eewww sounds (her). About 2....

And here we go....

Jesse asked Chuck the other day if she moved and couldn't keep Reny would he keep him. His very surprising, without thinking a second answer, yes. Didn't see that one coming. Although the clues were there...


Garage Sale this weekend!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow huge garage sale. Hope it's my last. Lots of toys - like new - some still in boxes. Interested, need directions, email me at and
I'll let you know where.

clown doll, just for you tricia

and no the tool chest is not for sale just no room for it

Jesse's dogs. No, they are not for sale, Corey.


Why me?

Oui Vey..feeling frustrated. For whatever reason another driver has a problem with one of the kids on her bus. He actually grabbed her arm and got up in her face and really said some nasty stuff. Why is he allowed to ever ride another bus? Tell me why? He was suspended off the bus for 10 days and then supposed to be sent to a monitor bus but noooo they've decided to send him to my bus.
And that is after he got up in her face this morning threatening her.
So he is supposed to start riding tomorrow morning, not looking forward to it.


copy Corey's title: Last Year at This Time

Last year at this time we were in the truck and on the road for 30 days. That was the longest trip we made. I was going to say hardest but I think the hardest was the 1st trip because we almost quit during that one. Neither one of us had much sleep in over a week and stopped in Arizona and called in and told them to get us a run home or we wouldn't be coming back.
Anyway, back to last year at this time. We spent Thanksgiving day at an OC, translation company truck stop, and ate microwaved dinners with another couple who's wife had gone thru the school at the time we were there. Which was nice but sleeping in the truck sucked especially when we slept at the same time because the bed was the size of a twin size bed, teenie weenie.
We drove to LA and back across to Pennsylvania and a bunch of other places. Saw lots of Christmas lites and snow and traffic in the cities. I don't miss the truck so much but I do miss seeing the country.
Somewhere in Arizona

Somewhere in Tennessee